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CBDYAG: Adar Update

Posted by Oyster on March 5, 2007

CBDYAG Habitat For Humanity

Rain or Shine Young Adults Have a Good Time




Will it rain? Will people show up?” Worried DimaB. “Well … yes and yes!” Were the answers he got for the Habitat for Humanity event he organized for the Congregation Beth David Young Adult Group in conjunction with the congregations Mitzvah Day, February 25th. “We had 80% attendance despite the bad weather.” He recounts.


Habitat for Humanity builds houses for people who are able to transition from government assistance to a self sustained living in a 1,500 sq. ft. house. Considering the number of houses being built, the more accurate description is the “lucky few”.


Our site consisted of 4 houses. Our task seemed pretty simple: measure, cut, hammer, see if the thing matches with the other thing, move on to the next task. We managed to safely use power tools and climb ladders all day, part of it in the rain. Oh yeah, turns out that construction doesn’t stop in the rain. Isn’t there some sort of union for the free labor?


The weather improved after lunch, and we managed to get things into a state where visible progress was seen. “Oh yeah, this wasn’t here before!”.



I think most people had fun. I’m definitely going back again! “ DimaB declared. See Pictures.

Preceding this event we gathered for our bi-monthly Young Adult Shir Shabbat . Friday, February 23rd, 19 of us joined the congregation for Shir Shabbat then split off for our own oneg. “The service was a lot of fun and it was great to meet new people, see some old faces and enjoy Purim a bit early with yummy hamentaschen,” said Becs18.

We also learned that we didn’t make good liars in a game of two truths and a lie where interesting stories of our pasts where revealed. It was a warm welcome for our newcomers. Thanks to S86i, Becs18, GregB, DimaB, Oyster, Sodabrew, and MichaelG for helping setup, leading Kiddush and cleaning up. Join us for Young Adult Shir Shabbat again on April 27, 8pm at Congregation Beth David.

We’re looking forward to our SF Adventure On March 25. We’re meeting at 11am at the Mountain View Caltrain Station and heading for Kosher lunch at the SF New York Deli and then touring the Jewish Contemporary Museum before returning. We’ll be seeing the exhibit entitled The Jewish Identity Project: New American Photography. Visit our evite for details and to RSVP.

On April 17 join us for a cozy viewing of “Sugihara: Conspiracy of Kindness” a historical documentary, which tells the amazing journey of Chiune Sugihara to help save Jewish refugees. A light discussion will follow.

May 19, at 9pm we’re rolling into Homestead Lanes to try our hand at bowling. Join us for great laughs and scoring on the lanes.

For information about events, the group or to RSVP for any of these contact cbdyag at gmail dot com.


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