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Where are the Secular Muslims?

Posted by Oyster on March 15, 2007

In St. Petersburg, Florida, evidently. This is a guest post by HyperbolicReconstruction, my chevruta. And a really, really smart Jew.

Where are the Secular Muslims?

Not on the cover of your local newspaper, NY Times, or Washington
Post. They are not on CNN, FoxNews, or KPFA. Not at a rally supporting
or opposing Israel, terrorism, or gay-rights. Maybe its because there
aren’t any and the very idea of “secular Muslim” sounds as absurd as
“secular Lubavitch” or “secular evangelical”? Or maybe, just maybe,
there are plenty of “secular Muslims” out there, but media aversion and
fear to rouse even the faintest suspicion on the part of PC-powered
advocacy groups keeps them off our radar? Sounds far-fetched?

Remember the five minute blip of Irshad Manji – hyperactive Muslim
lesbian – [who ironically calls herself a ‘Muslim refusenik’, Ed.] on CNN’s Headline News with Glenn Beck? Or Wafa Sultan‘s
memorable “Brother, you can believe in stones, as long as you don’t
throw them at me,” chucked at a retrograde Muslim cleric on Al

Well, if you were looking for media coverage of their recent meeting,
you wouldn’t have found it anywhere except in the back of the Wall
Street Journal’s editorials, in Bret Stephen’s regular column. One
single mention for what could be the Islamic world’s Boston Tea Party,
in all the vastness of our free media.

This early March, delegates from all over the world convened in
Florida, to kick-start a revolution in Islamic thinking. They issued a
joint declaration, asking for the separation of mosque and state in all
Muslim countries, and the supersession of Koranic law, by
international human, women’s and sexual minority rights. They stood up
for Israel, Jews, and secular western societies. They attacked the
notion that questioning Islam and Muslims amounts to racism or
Islamophobia. They pledged to spread their message to the
Arabo-Islamic world, and to further build momentum in the West. There
was only one thing left out – the American public. Our media refuse to
not only cover the event, but even to acknowledge it. Cowardice by any
other name?

There are secular Muslims out there, but if we want them to have a
voice, the only thing left for us to do is to go on the “Secular Islam
Summit” website, which offers streaming videos of several key
sessions, and profiles of the speakers, and then blog and link.


You can find more articles referring to the Summit here. Be sure to also visit the Secular Islam site/blog.


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