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Rally Rabbi Strikes Again! B-ballin’ edition.

Posted by Oyster on March 16, 2007

This time, at the Jewish Heritage Night at the Golden State Warriors game. Read all about it here on the J (btw, Rachel’eh! Goot Shabbos!). The Ralli Rabbi, R. Yosef Langer of SF Chabad, himself has a post up on his blog.

Rabbi Langer is definitely a Jewish innovater, having had a hand in starting the Chabad House movement, starting the Chabad public menorah lighting movement, and the Purimpalooza fest that’s been 10+ years on. Could this be the latest innovation for Chabad kiruv? Bringing Yiddishekeit to the unaffiliated Jews at the entertainment venues that they go to anyways?

9 Responses to “Rally Rabbi Strikes Again! B-ballin’ edition.”

  1. rachel said


  2. DJK said

    I freeking love this guy!!!! hes soo cool. i wish i had the beytzim to go up there and blow shofar for a whole stadium….check out my blog…its new and i can use the support. thanx

  3. Oyster said

    Yes, R. Langer is awesome. An Oy Bay Area treasure, for sure. 🙂

    I’ll definitely check out your new blog, DJK. Thow up some more links to Jewish performers, like those on JDub, Y-Love, SoCalled, Matisyahu, Golem, etc.

  4. Oyster said

    Rabbi Langer posted this to JensList:

    Message from Rabbi Langer’s desk-
    This morning, Gary Radnich on sports talk 680 discussed how “My favorite part about Jewish Heritage night is the Rally Rabbi”. He went on to say that the Warriors incredible defeat of the Mavericks is because the “Rally Rabbi may be undefeated” and announced that Jewish heritage night is coming to the Giants this summer!
    Jewish Heritage Night at the Oakland Warriors on Monday March 12th was an incredible success!

    check out video of Rally Rabbi ( Rabbi Langer) at Warriors basketball game

    article about event in the J.

    Rally Rabbi Mission Statement:
    From the players on the bench out on to the court and into the paint
    up into the stands with the fans
    and out into the street and into our homes and beyond
    Rally with the Rally Rabbi to increase in acts of goodness and kindness for victory and peace!

    Wishing you and your family a Kosher and Happy Pesach!
    If you need a Seder or Shmurah Matzah don’t hesitate to e-mail me.

    With Blessings,
    Rabbi Yosef Langer

    Chabad of S. Francisco
    834 28th Ave
    S. Francisco, CA 94121


  5. […] that is) to mention that he was going to attend tonights game. Furthermore, he took credit for the Warriors’ upset win against Dallas in the regular season with his “Rally Rabbi” sh…. Of course he should take credit for that past victory as well as this one tonight! After […]

  6. vegnik said

    Does The Holy Rebbe know about The Vegetarian Mitzvah (www.brook.com/jveg)?
    Peaceniks need victories too!

  7. Oyster said

    “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. Like plant vegetation (which I permitted to Adam), I have now given you everything. … Only of the blood of your own lives will I demand an account.” [Gen. 9:3,5]

  8. […] digress… Come out to see the SF Jew-ants play the Nationals, for the kosher food, the Rally Rabbi (you know, the one that helped get the Warriors into the playoffs?), and the teeming masses of […]

  9. […] Heritage Night for the Giants. First it was T-shirts, then Baseball Caps and this year it was Rally Rabbi (Langer, of SF Chabad) Bobble-heads. These bobble-heads brought out the Jews in full force, just to claim […]

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