Oy Bay!

"My heart is in the east, and I in the uttermost west." — Yehudah Ha-Levi

Jewlicious Festival, Oy Bay aboard the ‘Klug Train’

Posted by Oyster on March 18, 2007

Lisa Klug Oyster

Oy Bay Area journalist Lisa Alcalay Klug (pictured above with Oyster) gets two of her articles in print covering the Jewlicious Festival 3.0, and name-drops Oy Bay!

Despite her feeling pretty ill by the last day, I helped her scrape together some Sonoma students & young adults from Northern California (including Grand Muffti!). Rabbi Yonah has also been on the ball, noting the J & the Chron coverage. Weird thing about Lisa was that despite her feeling ill and fatigued, she still whipped herself up into a Jew-frenzy dancin’ with reckless abandon on the Jewlicious Festival concert hall! Pictures of Lisa doing the bottle dance (straight-outta ‘Fiddler’) to follow. In the mean-time, enjoy these pre-Shabbat Jewlicious Festival 3.0 pics!


2 Responses to “Jewlicious Festival, Oy Bay aboard the ‘Klug Train’”

  1. […] named, since Jews did cry a lot in the shtetl) for more info on the debut party tonight in honor of Lisa Alcalay Klug’s new book, “Cool […]

  2. kathleen kay klug barringer said

    I noticed in my Jewish newspaper that you would be at the Jcc and I’m pretty sure we are related.My family was from Danzig.Your family were from the same area?I’ve been working on finding more info about this.Have you ever wrote down what you know,in a book?I would like the name of the book,if there is one. Thanks,K K Klug/Barringer

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