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Ah, Tzedakkah…

Posted by lchaimlover on March 20, 2007

tzedakahNote: This article is not meant to pat me on the back in any way.

So I’ve graduated. You may have noticed my lack of posting and this was due to the end of quarter rush that takes over my life every ten weeks for the last 4 years. But alas, no more. Now I am a citizen of the real world and my degree in English with and emphasis in British Literature and Film Studies has perfectly qualified me to say “Would you like fries with that.” So, as alumni of many student organizations, including my dear old Hillel, I decided that the time was ripe to give back. You see my dear friends, Rabbi Nachum and his Rebbetzin Chaya have spent the last few months priming me as a future donor of the Jewish community. “Tzedakkah” says them, “is not a matter of just giving. You have to give so that you feel it, not so it hurts, but that you notice that money went to charity instead of something you wanted.” This made sense to me. So I made my first pledge to Hillel. They smiled, surprised that I had actually come in to give something instead of raid the refrigerator, and it felt good. I like that I can actually do something for an organization that has been so good to me. It’s true, I won’t be able to buy the first issue of the new Buffy comic, but I feel good knowing that my Chai times whatever went some place where it will do good. But now I’m worried, it’s kind of addictive this tzedakkah thing…This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you by Rashi’s Levels of Charity. Thank you for reading.


5 Responses to “Ah, Tzedakkah…”

  1. Oyster said

    Uh, I believe you mean the Rambam’s ladder of tzedakah? 🙂

    It was the famous Rabbi Nachum of Breast-Love (the ‘Breast-lover Rebbe’), who once said:

    “It’s a tremendous mitzvah always to be be tipsy!”


  2. lchaimlover said

    thanks for the correction oyster.

    don’t mock my rebbe, everyone needs one you’re just jealous of his wisdom.

  3. Oyster said

    You’re right, LchaimLover. He’s a better Breast-Lover than me.

  4. Oyster said

    I would attribute the image to the webpage where I found it, but it’s a Mexican “Jews for Jesus” page. Sigh… 😦

    Also note that a pious Jew wearing tallit (and what appears to be tefillin?) would probably prefer to give charity more anonymously, as per the Rambam’s Ladder of Tzedakah. But for all we know, this could just be a man collecting money for a charity, which would serve as the intermediary between donors and beneficiaries…

  5. […] divulge where I got this cool image, but its from another J4J site. Seriously, why do them fake Jews have all the best graphics? But I transgress […]

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