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The Newest Moishe House: a Kenyan Out-House?

Posted by Oyster on March 23, 2007

Isaac Zones outhouse

Isaac Zones (left) caught with his pants down. No, in Kenya they DON’T have separate black / Jewish outhouses. That would be pretty shitty of them.

The SF Moishe House sent out an update, featuring some wrap-up from their Purimpalooza fund-raiser (alas, it looks like for Isaac, fearless leader of the innovative Jewish communal living project, this isn’t the first time Oy Bay caught him in a compromising pose ). The money was being raised to help fund the educational needs of a class of Kenyan students that Isaac had instructed previously. I might have preferred some Ugandan, Ghanan, or Ethiopian Jews, but… whatever! It’s still a tremendous mitzvah. Check out this video:

Speaking of Purimpalooza, that name actually originated with Rabbi Langer’s decade’s long party powerhouse. Check out some of the pictures from this Purim! Oh, and I failed to notice the Chabad Student Center of SF‘s webpage. It’s so getting blog-rolled!

You know who else is so getting blog-rolled? The Moishe House of the East Bay, that’s who.

Oh, last but not least, let’s play the Jewish version of “Where’s Waldo?” !

Isaac Zones Kenya class


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