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J-Lifer sets up the Jerusalem Bureau of Oy Bay

Posted by Oyster on March 28, 2007

Bloggers Jerusalem Kikar Tzion

“Where oh where could my J-Lifer be? She was seduced by the Zionist En-ti-ty!”

Here’s a great group shot of J-blogginess taken in Kikar Tzion during my Birthright trip. Photo credit to the bloggiest Bay Area yeshiva bocher, G-D SQUAD (far right). From right to left, the rest are: ck of Jewlicious.com, laya of Jewlicious.com, Oyster, and J-Lifer.

So what is up with J-Lifer? Well, she gone & left the Oy Bay Area, and now fancies herself a big-time journalist for the Jerusalem Post! No kidding around, check out her latest article on kosher Chinese food Israel-China business opportunities!  Potential Jewish journalists take note: you write for Oy Bay, you move on to write for the Jerusalem Post. Coincidence?! I THINK NOT!!!

So despite the radio silence over here at Oy Bay, J-Lifer has been writing up a storm on her blog, the J Life. Check out her slice of the Anglo Oleh experience:

J-Lifer, thanks for getting the Oy Bay Jerusalem Bureau all set up. Now, get us some fresh copy! 🙂


4 Responses to “J-Lifer sets up the Jerusalem Bureau of Oy Bay”

  1. G-D SQUAD said

    Wow, mazal tov, J-Lifer! It sounds like you’ve been successful in J-town. Have a happy and kosher Passover, and let us know if anyone tries to sacrifice a lamb on the Temple Mount.

  2. Oyster said

    ” like Hassidic kids
    in crowns at the Kotel
    singing to the top
    to rebuild the temple
    jumping up and down
    up in a circle


  3. […] by Oyster on June 14th, 2007 Hey y’all, our Jerusalem bureau chief wanted me to add her Jewess poetess friend to our ‘Bay-ond the Pale’ blogroll. […]

  4. […] case you haven’t gotten the message, I tend to get lonely (jealous?) when some of Oy Bay’s talented writing staff have a real […]

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