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Oy Bay Update: Resources Page

Posted by Oyster on April 1, 2007

Hey loyal fans:

Oyster here. I’ve been doing one of my favorite past-times, which is futzing with Oy Bay. I’ve removed the “Categories” and “Archives” from the left margin of the site template, and added a new “Pages” section. Also, you’ll notice that the “page tabs” below the Oy Bay title has been changed. Some tabs are missing, and now you have the new Resources tab. You’ll find all of the old content, plus new Blogroll and Archive pages too. Oh, and I added a calendar icon/graphic at the top of the right margin.

Please let me know what you think.

Also, I want to expand the Resources pages to include more content. Some ideas:

  • Top Ten Jewish Young Adult Events / Organizations
  • List of kosher / kosher-style restaurants, and places to buy kosher in the Oy Bay Area.
  • Crash Course in Oy Bay Area  Jewish life for new-comers.
  • Synagogues / minyans.
  • [insert your great idea]

I would have had something to put in that last bullet point, but you haven’t told me yet what you want! :-p So, pipe up. Leave a comment and tell me what you’d like to see.


One Response to “Oy Bay Update: Resources Page”

  1. lchaimlover said

    top ten and kosher list

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