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KKK in Spain for Easter?

Posted by Oyster on April 3, 2007

 Spain Easter KKK

This picture really freaked me out, until I read the caption:

Penitents gather inside a church before starting the procession of ‘La Merced’ brotherhood during Holy Week in Cordoba April 2, 2007. Hundreds of Easter processions take place in Spain around the clock during Holy Week, drawing thousands of visitors.

REUTERS/Javier Barbancho

 This is also kinda weird, because they used to make Jews in Europe wear cone hats like that, as I pointed out before.

4 Responses to “KKK in Spain for Easter?”

  1. fuck u white boys im a poround spaniard. i speak espanol kavrons

  2. Oyster said

    Joaquin: are you po’ & round?

    Perhaps try commenting again in Spanish. Then, at least, we might have a fighting chance at understanding you.

    Happy Easter, you jerk.

  3. Arianod said

    Just saw the picture and read the comments, and I wanted to let you know that the pointy hat connection is no coincidence. Cone hats were traditionally used to shame and humiliate Jews (and convicted criminals too) Similarly, the whole purpose of the Penitent outfit is for the wearers to shame and humble themselves. That’s why they’re called ‘penitents’. Originally, taking part in the procession was an act of repentance and atonement for your sins, so it just made sense to put on clothes that were ‘shameful’. And the point of covering your face, of course, was to ensure anonimity.

  4. Jay said

    I’m black and at first I found it scary but now I just find it ironic

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