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Passovr, Koogle: Web Jew-point-0!

Posted by Oyster on April 4, 2007

Passovr Web Jew-point-0

My friend Jason, who gives me great naches with his hard-core Tikkun Olam’ing, has put together a great Passover goof. Put together Web 2.0 hype, their silly logo styles (Quakr, 2-point-Oats!!!), and a Jewish classic 3,000 years in the making, and you get one fine lookin’ Jew-spoof. 🙂

Koogle Web Jew-point-0


4 Responses to “Passovr, Koogle: Web Jew-point-0!”

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  2. Oyster said

    Looks like BangItOut is getting in on the spoofin’!


  3. Angella said

    Why do you delete my comments?

  4. akash said


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