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‘Second Saturday’ Plans Dance-Party for Holocaust Remembrance Day

Posted by Oyster on April 12, 2007

Yom HaShoah Second Saturday

2nd Sat lips Aug 06

Dance till you drop?

I’ve praised ‘Second Saturday’ in the past for being the Bay Area’s premier scene for young adults. With 200+ Jews turning out to the Cellar in SF every second saturday of the month, it’s easy to see why.

But I was looking at the Oy Bay calendar, trying to hook up my buddy Benny Blanco with something Jewy to check out. And then I realized that Holocaust Remembrance Day was this Sunday, making Saturday night (the second one in April) Erev Yom HaShoah. The eve before the day is when the day starts, by Jewish law.

If the Jew Crew behind Second Saturday go through with their scheduled shin-dig this Saturday night, it will be a major shonda in my eyes. I mean, shouldn’t they check a Jewish calendar to see conflicts? I understand if they aren’t going to halt the show for some ‘obscure’ Jewish holiday (sorry Shavu’ot), but frickin’ Holocaust Remembrance Day? I mean, its not even a “crazy-orthodox” holiday; it was created by the State of Israel and is marked by many non-religious Jews.

This reminds me of the scandal that broke out a few years ago when a Polish discotheque was opened up in Oswiecim (the actual present-day town where the Auschwitz camp was located).

Last year, I was in the gates of Auschwitz for Yom HaShoah. You can be sure this year I won’t be bustin’ a move at the Cellar on Holocaust Remembrance Day.


10 Responses to “‘Second Saturday’ Plans Dance-Party for Holocaust Remembrance Day”

  1. I agree with you. You won’t find me at the Celler this Saturday either.

    I do take exception to your calling Shavu’ot an obscure holiday, that can be disregarded. It’s a pilgrimage festival, the revelation of the Sinai. Remember those 10 commandments… In modern times many have a hard time describing it’s significance and many don’t recognize it. But I take exception to you making it permissible. Shame on you Oyster!

  2. Oyster said


    If my sarcasm wasn’t evident (scary-quotes & all), I apologize.

    That’s the irony of Shavu’ot. It is one of THE most important holidays on the Jewish calendar, yet many Jews don’t even know about it. They know more about Christmas than they know about Shavu’ot… :-/

  3. Benny Blanco said

    say word no WAY I am attending this. what is the point of a day of remembrance really? is it just the very idea that it exists on the calendar? it only has value insofar as it’s actually set apart from the rest of the year. otherwise its meaning is totally lost.

    individual Jews have the right to choose whether they will party this Sat. night. but the idea of an organized, Jewish community event on this night is not a good look AT ALL. the organizers should have taken this opportunity to send a special e-mail to their lists explaining the significance of the day and why there wouldn’t be a regular Second Saturday this weekend.

    this is really weak.

  4. ok i think you guys just need to be more open minded to alternative observances of Holocaust Remembrance Day, just like alternative seders that discuss all forms of oppression and only mention Jews when they’re the cause of it, not its victims.

    We should contact this group and let them know how we feel about this event and maybe they’ll be more careful in the future.

  5. Oyster said


    lol. Not only did we take out Moses from the Seder, but we took out the Jews, too! “And with a mighty arm, and an outstretched hand, did the Progressives take the Jews out of the seder…” 🙂 Ehud, buddy, when are you going to join the fray? It’s not exactly like you’re writing up a storm over at Kaplan-Watch. :-p

    I invite all those who want to share their feelings regarding this issue to follow the Jew Crew link to the Second Saturday page. There you can find the email addresses of those who run it.

    Not to be too self-sure, but I’m confident that they’ll find out about this post.

  6. lchaimlover said

    Honestly, I’m with Oyster, it’s Yom HaShoah, and by any Jews calendar, not a time to dance til ya drop. It’s one thing to have “alternative” observances, but partying? Mmmm, not what I had in mind. More likely talking about the many genocides past and present in the world. Or Hillel’s Genocide Education Week…

  7. lchaimlover said

    Even in the South they are considerate of big Jewish Holidays!


    Can’t we be considerate of our own?

  8. Benny Blanco said


    I am all for “alternative obervances” of Yom HaShoah. If there were an academic lecture, workshop, etc. on that day I would have no problem with it. But a dance party? GTFOHWTBS.

    Now, if you (or the 2nd Saturday organizers) considered a dance party to be a legitimate alternative observance, I’d say that’s a little weird, BUT I would be open to hear your explanation. I could conceive of a line of thinking, albeit a far-fetched one, whereby a “celebration of life” or even an un-self-conscious attempt to get Jewish people to mate and have Jewish babies was somehow a posthumous victory over the Nazis, etc. Like I said: I think that’s pretty lame but I could at least see that argument, if indeed they were making it.

    But they aren’t making that argument. The organizers of this event are quite simply ignoring Yom HaShoah altogether.

    What irks me most is that Yom HaShoah is so far removed from our community experience that the organizers of this event either (a) realized after the fact that the event was falling on Yom HaShoah and decided to go ahead with it anyway without taking the opportunity to tie some bit of education into the event, or (b) they didn’t even realize that the event was falling on Yom HaShoah until people like Oyster and myself brought it to their attention.

    If I had to guess, I’d say it was the latter. And if so, it’s not merely the organizers’ fault. It’s the fault of our entire community that this important day of remembrance has been allowed to recede so far into the background of our consciousness that it could basically have been forgotten.

    Seriously, how can we continue to ask the world to take the Shoah seriously when we as a community don’t do so ourselves?

  9. challahbackgirl said

    Alternative observance is one thing; but this isn’t observance–like Oyster and Benny point out.

    They are plugging the evening as a big b-day bash for one of the hostesses, the introduction of a new hostess and the usual big Jewish dance party. Nothing about observing Yom HaShoah in their own unique way.

    “Seriously, how can we continue to ask the world to take the Shoah seriously when we as a community don’t do so ourselves?” (Benny) I second this sentiment!

  10. Ok, apparently ya’ll missed the sarcasm. I loved your attempts at justification though Benny, hillarious.

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