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"My heart is in the east, and I in the uttermost west." — Yehudah Ha-Levi

Blog of the Living, Day 1

Posted by Oyster on April 15, 2007

Oyster cemetery Krakow

Oyster standing in the Jewish cemetery of Krakow, Poland.

I’ve hesitated writing about my experience on March of the Living for a long time now. Today is Yom HaShoah, and that means that it’s been over a year since I set out on the trip that would have a lasting impact on me. I could literally talk for hours about my experiences. Many of my close family & friends know this, since they came to hear me give a 5-6 hour slide-show presentation on just the Poland leg of my journey. As I lit a Yarzheit candle and recited the Mourner’s Kaddish for my slaughtered family members, and the martyrs of my people, I realized that I couldn’t hesitate any longer…

I will try to put up posts relating to my myriad thoughts and responses to my experience. I will primarily organize this as a set of chronological posts; one post for each day. I will also post on various themes or ideas that came to me, that don’t per se fit into a time or place. I will draw upon video, photos, my journal entries, and my memory to provide the content of these posts.

I’m tired and it’s getting late. I just finished uploading and commenting on my photos from the first day. More later…

Yom HaShoah Second Saturday


3 Responses to “Blog of the Living, Day 1”

  1. lchaimlover said

    Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us.

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  3. […] photos from my trip to Poland as part of the March of the Living in 2006. See the following for the first and second days of the trip. My apologies, but I did not have time to put in captions for the […]

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