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Palestine Flounders, Israel to Blame?

Posted by lchaimlover on April 15, 2007

Oxfam boycott Israel

Oxfam, another ‘fair & balanced’ humanitarian NGO bashing Israel and supporting Palestine.

Oxfam, a relief agency with the aim of ending poverty, is pressing the European Union to send aid to Palestine. According to a survey conducted by Oxfam, not only has the poverty level risen 30% in the last year, but Palestinians are having trouble “making ends meet”. And whose to blame? Israel of course! Now that Israel has pulled money and resources from Palestine, and gave the Palestinians what they asked, fought, and killed for, there is no infrastructure or stable leadership in place to keep the new state afloat. But of course this is Israel’s fault, don’t you know, and now it is the world’s. The newest complaint, nay demand, is that without the world’s support, Palestine will not survive.

Let me digress into a story for a moment, if I may. Almost 60 years ago, Israel was a newly founded state. The world had helped it become independent, but as for funds, Israel would need to figure out that issue on it’s own. And did relief agencies come to Israel’s aid? No, as hundreds of thousands of refugee Jews from Europe poured into the new state, David Ben-Gurion gave the task of raising fund to support Israel to a then unknown Golda Myerson (who would go down in history as Golda Meir). She managed to go out and raise $50,000,000 for Israel. Don’t believe me? Go read Golda Meir’s book, she’ll tell you all about it in her own words.

Do you see the difference between the two countries? Israel had people in place willing to do what it took to assure that the new state survived. Where Israel had a passionate voice raised above all others, Palestine whines, where Israel had drive, Palestine sits back and waits. Where are Palestine’s leaders? Where is the person willing to stand up and take responsibility to assure that the two-state solution works? As Yom Ha’atzmaut approaches, let us hope that for both states’ sake, someone stands up willing to take responsibility for a solution has cause so much heartache.


One Response to “Palestine Flounders, Israel to Blame?”

  1. Oyster said

    Great point, LchaimLover. If the leaders of Palestine, from Grand Mufti al-Husseinin, to Arafat, to Haniyeh, had worked primarily to provide basic services & needs to their people, instead of trying to turn them into perpetual militant refugees, there would have been a Palestinian state by now. As Abba Eban wisely noted, “they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity”.

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