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Red Alert! New South Bay Kosher Deli!

Posted by Oyster on April 19, 2007

Izzys Bagels Libi’s kosher meatBattlestations! Battlestations! Prepare for imminent noshing!

It looks like our South Bay prayers for “We Want Mashgiakh Now!” have been answered! A new kosher deli is opening up in Sunnyvale, CA. It’s been a long time since we South Bay Jews have had a kosher deli. This is the first kosher fleishig establishment in the South Bay since the ill-fated Willow Glen Kosher Market closed down sometime around 2001-2002.

Rabbi Nachum of Breastlove tipped me off to this development recently, being connected to all things kosher in the area, and ChallahBackGirl just forwarded me this bulletin:

New Kosher Deli to Open in Sunnyvale

Great News for the Jewish Community of the South Bay! Libi Aviv-Rind (wife of Izzy of Izzy’s Bagels) [Ed. note: both pictured above] , will open Izzy’s Brooklyn Deli a full service Kosher Deli in Sunnyvale. The store will be located in the Hacienda Shopping Center near the Safeway on El Camino near Wolfe Road (site of the former Noah’s Bagels) [Ed. note: find it on the new Oy Bay Area map!].
They are already offering catering services and the store will be open in the coming weeks. You may reach her at kosherdeli@gmail.com or at 408.523-1333. Hashgacha Position is available. Contact Libi for details.

Just one question remains: If it’s called “Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels”, shouldn’t the new joint be called, “Libi’s Kosher Meat”? I had the pleasure of meeting Izzy personally at the Jewish “To Life!” street-fair in Palo Alto, where he was very interested in Oy Bay, and wanted to help me find, “a nice Jewish girl”. :-p

As an aside, it looks like some Palestinians are the new residents of the former Willow Glen kosher butcher shop. How ironic! End the unjust occupation of kosher lands! j/k And this ignorant article succeeds in both incorrectly stating that Halal is the same as Kosher (Kosher is more stringent, so all Kosher food is also Halal, but not the other way around), and insulting kosher slaughter as ‘disgusting’. The Wave, being the high-quality rag-about-town that it is, doesn’t deem it worthy to provide a date for that article, so take it with a coarse grain of kosher salt. :-p

Wow, are we witnessing an upswing in Bay Area Jew-food? After several posts on the San Francisco NY-style Deli, I recently had the pleasure of going there with the CBDYAG’aggites. There’s also the Israeli-style Cafe Neto in Mountain View and the kosher-style cafe at the Harkonnen Palace SV Levy/Reinhard Family Campus (disclaimer: the Levy’s and the Reinhards are not of the same family, AFAICT).

BTW, I’ve created a new page on Oy Bay to try to collect and organize all the information related to Kosher food in the Bay Area. This is meant to be a collection of both restaurants and places where you can buy kosher food. Please help me out in making this very sparse page complete, by emailing me about resources at oyster[at]oy-bay.org . Please include the name of the place, the URL if available, the address, and what kosher food can be purchased there.


7 Responses to “Red Alert! New South Bay Kosher Deli!”

  1. cbdyag said

    Check out the Kosher Eats section on CBDYAGs site. It’s a short list at the moment. But it’s to serve the same purpose, I’ve just been having so much fun eating kosher food, that it didn’t get updated.

  2. G-D SQUAD said

    wow, BARUCH HASHEM is all i can say.

  3. Oyster said

    G-D SQUAD:

    Less talking, more eating! You’ll release more sparks chowing down on a mouth-watering kosher pastrami sandwiches! :-p

  4. Oyster said


    Whoops! I forgot about your page. I’ll link to it in a jiffy.

  5. Ken Bloom said

    You need to add the Albertsons with the Kosher section at Foothill Expwy. and Arboretum to your map.

  6. […] Red Alert! New South Bay Kosher Deli! […]

  7. The Albertsons at El Paseo has greatly expanded their Kosher section as well. They are also taking suggestions of what to stock. Please frequent these stores–we must keep up demand to have the supply.

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