Oy Bay!

"My heart is in the east, and I in the uttermost west." — Yehudah Ha-Levi

Welcome the KosherSheik, the newest Oy-Bay’ster!

Posted by Oyster on April 30, 2007

The Kosher Sheik

I’m really thrilled to annouce the latest edition to the Oy Bay team! I’ve known KosherSheik since high school, when we served together on the Bay Area regional board of our Jewish youth group. He’s a hilarious fun-loving guy, with a sharp mind and an unparalleled patriotism for Calfornia, NorCal, the Yay Area, and San Francisco (HaShem help you if you say ‘Frisco’ or ‘Cali’ in his presence!). Oh yeah, and he’s kosher. REALLY kosher.

The KosherSheik is as San Franciscan as they come. Born and raised in the City, his life has pretty much been confined to SF. As an alumnus of Lawton School (SF), Abraham Lincoln High School (SF), and San Francisco State University (obviously SF), this guy lives and breathes SF.

After living in San Francisco for 23 years he unfortunately left the city in 2005 to pursue a JD at the Seattle University School of Law. After two years of law school and reppin’ the Yay Area hard up in the Northwest, the Sheik will return to the Oy Bay Area indefinitely because he was granted approval to complete his last year of law school as a visiting student at Santa Clara University.

The Sheik is a law clerk for Kletter & Peretz in the Embarcadero and has recently completed service at the Ronald A. Peterson Immigration Law Clinic at Seattle University.

This Mexican-Moroccan Sephardic Jew-Sultan was a regional newsletter editor of BBYO his junior year of high school and then went on to become the regional president of BBYO his senior year of high school. He was the founding president of the first and only chapter of a Jewish college fraternity in the city of San Francisco (Alpha Epsilon Pi) at infamous San Francisco State University.

The Sheik loves: SAN FRANCISCO, the bay area, coffee, food, locals, the Giants, the 49ers, the Warriors, the Sharks, Israel, Morocco, Mexico and a variety of other things.


5 Responses to “Welcome the KosherSheik, the newest Oy-Bay’ster!”

  1. Squeedle said

    those Mexican-Moroccan Sephardic Jew-Sultan brown eyes aren’t bad, either!

  2. Oyster said

    Wawawewa! Sounds like Squeedle could go for a tall drink of a kosher shake! :-p

  3. thekoshersheik said

    Hooray! I already have a fan! Thank you, Squeedle.

  4. lchaimlover said

    welcome to the club!

  5. […] Posted by Oyster on August 21, 2008 We just got word that KosherSheik & Mrs. KosherSheik are now the proud parents of a baby girl! News & pics as they come in! Yay! Mazal tov, dude!!! […]

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