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Avishai Cohen Concert Tonight

Posted by lchaimlover on May 2, 2007

image001.jpgLast night, The Boy and I dragged our friends to Yoshi’s to see Avishai Cohen. While I am not a jazz aficionado, we do what we can to please the ones we love, am I right? So off we all went, for The Boy’s sake. Little did I expect to be quite so entertained. Attacking his bass with the passion of a child who has just discovered candy, Cohen enthusiastically made love to his instrument for 90 minutes. Dancing jerkily along to the beat, his skilled fingers owned the bass, and from the looks of some of the groupies in the front row, owned the audience as well. With his Israeli trio (on piano and drums) Cohen’s work provoked spontaneous applause from the audience mid set as he sweated through the notes. The Boy insisted that one day Cohen will be ranked will Miles Davis and the likes, and it will be impossible to see him. So, if you love jazz, I recommend popping into Yoshi’s for a quick bite and some great tunes.

Tonight! Shows @ 8 PM & 10 PM

Tickets normally sell for $16 for the 8 PM shows, and $10 for the 10 PM shows, but friends of the Israeli Consulate can buy 2 for 1 tickets with the password “cohen” yoshis.inticketing.com


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