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Jimmy Carter’s Apar-TIE-d at UC Berkeley

Posted by alilyamongthorns on May 4, 2007

Carter Cal Apar-TIE-d

[First Chomsky is duped by Ali G, now Carter is stupid enough to wear a red tie to Bear Territory? Is there something special about hating Israel that makes you retarded? The prince of peanuts is photo’ed here, chatting it up with “Intifada in America” Hatem “I hate’em” Bazian. Someone must have dropped a numbskull magnet. Watch the full speech here. -Ed.]

Yesterday, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter spoke at UC Berkeley about his book, Palestine Peace Not Apartheid.

In a further demonstration of the Jewish loss of control over the world, Jews who did not have to be at work at 3 p.m. on a weekday gathered outside the auditorium to protest, on both sides of the issue.

That’s right, folks. Jimmy Carter is responsible for hot & sexy Jew-on-Jew violence. Well, maybe not violence. But I came down to the plaza and there were the two sides lined up on opposite ends: the pro-Palestinian side (if you approach from the right angle they’re on the left side) and the pro-Israeli side at the other end of the plaza. Turning to take a look at the pro-Palestinian side I was expecting to see Students for Justice in Palestine or maybe MSA but no, it was all Jews. The Women in Black were there, Jewish VicesVoices for Peace, and other people with signs such as “Jews say thank you to Carter.”

They were counter protesting the pro-Israelis who had organized a rally and held a press conference protesting the event. The pro-Israeli protesters handed out recommended questions for attendees to ask challenging some of the claims Carter makes in his book. Stand With Us was also present and I believe a few other groups as well.

I find this to be so odd. While I am fully aware that there are Jews on both sides of the issue (someone we know who was there might call them “Jews”) it feels like a waste of energy for Jews to protest other Jews. I mean can’t we just sit down together and debate all night over a bottle of Manischewitz?

But of course, since this is Bezerkeley, there can’t just be two sides to an issue. The UC Berkeley workers union (AFSCME) was also present protesting Jimmy Carter. They wanted him to cancel his speech, as Danny Glover has cancelled his commencement speech, to show solidarity with the custodians who are being paid unfair wages. Come on, Carter! Scared? John Edwards and Barack Obama have signed on to the cause

If you’d like to see the event for yourself, it is available via webcast at:


Also, obviously responding to my poor-college-student-can’t-afford-a-camera-ness, The Daily Clog has posted photos from the protest (plus, they corroborate my story which makes me feel all legitimate and stuff).


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