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My First Post! GO WARRIORS!

Posted by thekoshersheik on May 4, 2007

Stephen JacksonThough I am being academically irresponsible by not studying for Professional Responsibility, I have to announce that I am beyond excited about our Bay Area heroes, the Golden State Warriors. Sure, they’re an Oy Bay Area team, but what does their advance in the NBA playoffs tonight have to do with our Bay Area Jewish community? Well, I’d say our community representation substantially contributed to (arguably) approximately one sixth of tonight’s positive game 6 outcome. Despite the high caliber talent of any 5 Warriors on the court at any given time, there’s always that sixth person who never steps out of the game for a quick rest, i.e. the collective fanbase (hence the 1/6).

How important is this sixth person? Here is what Bill Simmons, a blogger from ESPN.com wrote before tonight’s game:

I don’t believe the 2007 Dallas Mavericks have the collective heart to prevail in Oakland, not with the Warriors’ fans smelling blood and providing one of the all-time electric/rabid/emotional/crazed atmospheres in recent sports history.

This sixth person is so important that this person’s presence on the court was that extra push toward victory tonight.

So who was the Jewish face of this blood smelling sixth person? None other than the main man, Rabbi Langer.

Per information from the Oyster, I was informed that Rabbi Langer of San Francisco Chabad called in Forum with Michael Kransy [click to listen!] on NPR earlier (on May 3, 2007 that is) to mention that he was going to attend tonights game. Furthermore, he took credit for the Warriors’ upset win against Dallas in the regular season with his “Rally Rabbi” shofar-blowing. Of course he should take credit for that past victory as well as this one tonight! After researching the archives of Bay Area scriptures, I came across some documentation that referenced the evening Rabbi Langer was at the Oakland Arena with the shofar in the regular season:


It was the voice of a shofar at the Warriors v. Mavs game, “exceeding loud,” issuing from the thick cloud on Mount Diablo that made all the brothers and sisters of the Bay Area tremble in awe.

True story. The sound of that shofar was still ringing tonight when we spanked some Maverick booty on the court tonight.

Thank you, Rabbi Langer. Keep the Warriors in your thoughts for the upcoming game on Monday…oh, and keep me in mind too. I have 4 painful exams between now and May 10th!



6 Responses to “My First Post! GO WARRIORS!”

  1. challahbackgirl said

    Mazel Tov on your first post and to the Warriors! Good luck with your tests.

  2. Oyster said

    Great first post, the KosherSheik!

    I was thrilled watching the win last night, and even more elated when I heard “Yosef from SF” come on the radio program!!! Totally made my morning.

    Also, are you saying that the fans were smelling blood because the fans were Jewish, and, therefore, in need of some good goyishe blood? 😉

    Best of luck with your studies! I know you’ll r0xor.

  3. thekoshersheik said

    Oyster, you know we were smelling for blood to smear on the doors of our fans in either Houston or Salt Lake City! So very kidding! bad sheik, bad sheik.

  4. Oyster said

    Haha! Very clever, mister Kosher Sheik, esquire. 🙂

    Can you imagine trying to explain to someone why we’re running around with a dead sheep & a brush, smearing blood on their lintels?

  5. thekoshersheik said

    Thunder sticks are so LA Lakers championship obsolete! Dead sheep and brush are the way to go this playoff season!

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