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CBDYAG’s Busy Young Adult Group Update

Posted by challahbackgirl on May 9, 2007

Cross posted on CBDYAG

This spring and summer the Congregation Beth David Young Adult Group (CBDYAG) has been busy planning or attending an average of 2 events a month, up from 1 a month this past year. We have a regular group presence of Young Adults at Shabbat morning services and you can find us squeezing around a table at the back of the room during Kiddush lunch. Along with all these events we’re maintaining a blog with group news, community news and general news and opinions. We again extend a warm welcome to IshTov our newest contributor, joining Oyster, CBDYAG and I.

Our fully volunteer organized group commemorated Yom HaShoah with a showing of “A Long Way Home” at the home of one of our own followed by a discussion lead by Rabbi Schonbrun. The movie outlines the struggles of Jews from Liberation to the founding of Israel which left us ready for Yom Hazikaron and Yom HaAzmaut later in the month.

In April we also enjoyed our bi-monthly Young Adult Shir Shabbat. We enjoyed praying with the Congregation and then having our own oneg where we counted the Omer, schmoozed and played card games. We look forward to Shir Shabbat again on June 22.

This month we hope to see you at our Bowling Nite on May 19 and informal Torah study on May 26. We’ll be looking at the weekly Torah portion, meeting around 1:30pm in the Library at Congregation Beth David. Come earlier and join us at Shabbat morning services and enjoy kiddish lunch with us. At lunch join us at a back table.

Also this month we’ll be taking a look at our calendar for the coming year. We invite you to join us on May 16, at 7pm at Congregation Beth David for a meeting of the minds. Our group is organized by volunteers. Come find out how you can get involved, there’s little and big things. We’d love to hear what events you’d like to have or help with. While we hope you’ll make the meeting, you can always drop me a line to have your voice be heard.

We’re headed outdoors in June with our Ultimate (Frisbee) Event. We’ll enjoy the sun in a game of Ultimate Frisbee or basket ball at Sunnyvale Middle School Park. We’ll meet at the North Field between the track and
baseball diamond. The park is between Mary, Remington, Knickerbocker, and Mango in Sunnyvale. Thanks to IshTov for organizing this. We’re also going on a Hike on June 24, details coming soon.
Sponsor Team Congregation Beth David Jewish Young Adults Walking in AIDS Walk SF 2007The Young Adults Group is returning to AIDS Walk SF this year. Please support our walkers and the SF AIDS Foundation and other organizations by making a donation or walking with us. Visit www.aidswalk.net/sanfran/specify team Congregation Beth David (9980) to take either action or learn more. You can also contact, me, Team Congregation Beth David team captain at cbdyag [AT] gmail.com.

Congregation Beth David’s Young Adult Group for Jewish 20 and 30 somethings enjoys monthly events planned by volunteers from our community. Events range from social, educational, religious, social action, celebrating holidays and more. Don’t miss out on all the fun being had. For more information about the group or events mentioned please contact cbdyag [At] gmail.com


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