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JCIR: Looking to explore Jewish San Francisco?

Posted by Oyster on May 10, 2007

chabad cable car sf

An interesting post on BayJews.org, that I linkified. It’s not very complete, and is SF-centric. But it’s a fun short list. Feel free to leave comments below with your additional suggestions, or corrections!

Ask JCIR re top ten Jewish sites

Welcoming visitors this summer? Here are ways to explore Jewish San Francisco:

1. Feel: George Segal`s the Survivor sculpture at the Lincoln Park, near the Legion of honor
2. Pray in the new Jewish cable car and in magnificent synagogues
3. See exhibits in the Contemporary Jewish Museum, the Judah Magnes Museum and galleries displaying Jewish art.
4. View Architecture: the magnificent Haas Lilienthal House [this link has more must-see sites -Ed.], a wonderful example of Victorian heritage with Jewish history
5. Eat and drink at kosher restaurants and kosher wineries
6. Experience a music, theater, film, or outdoor event.
7. Shop for Jewish books and gifts and art
8. Read about the history of Jews of San Francisco
9. Tour a kosher chocolate factory
10. Be inspired by prominent early Jewish philanthropists

For more information about a Jewish view of San Francisco, and connecting to Jewish life, call Jewish Community Information and Referral, 415 777 4545 or local toll free 877 777 5247 .

Jewish Community Information and Referral is a free, confidential service of the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, Marin, the Peninsula and Sonoma County.


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