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Mazel Tov TO SJSU JSU!

Posted by lchaimlover on May 10, 2007

Mazel Tov!

I’d like to give a shout out to SJSU’s JSU. From tabling to Purim Balls, San Jose State Jews are always hard at work. After a few weeks of difficult times at the SJSU campus, they finally received a little bit of credit.


SJSU Jews hard at work

Last week, San Jose State honored them with the Most Outstanding Religious/Spiritual Organization. There were 150 nominations for only 18 awards, so once again Mazal Tov to them and for all of their hard work!


One Response to “Mazel Tov TO SJSU JSU!”

  1. lchaimlover said

    Let me revise this: yesterday SJSU JSU was awarded two more awards, one for best Collabortive Effort with their Holocaust Programming and one to Naama Shani for Academic Excellence.

    Mazel Tov Again!

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