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Welcome ‘Minsky’, our newest Oy-Bay’ster!

Posted by Oyster on May 14, 2007

Franz RosenzweigI wanted to take a moment to welcome Minsky to the writing staff of Oy Bay. In departure from previous augmentations to the Oy Bay team, I won’t be providing a biographical sketch. Minsky will be our anonymous wunderkind. 🙂

So what’s up with the picture? It’s of Franz Rosenzweig, a famous early 20th-century Jewish philosopher. Like Rosenzweig, Minsky provides a refreshing mix of traditional and modern views on Judaism, all from a thoughtful and academic perspective.

Oh yeah, and Rosenzweig promoted adult Jewish education! There’s a Lehrhaus Judaica in Berkeley, named after the Jewish institute that he and Martin Buber started in pre-Nazi Germany.

So join me in welcoming Minsky to the Oy Bay community, and definitely check out his well-written analysis of some of the latest developments stemming from the Walt & Mearsheimer debacle.


5 Responses to “Welcome ‘Minsky’, our newest Oy-Bay’ster!”

  1. shiksalover said

    So will “minsky” in being annonymous, tackling phylosophical questions, and potentially speaking for more than one person be oybay’s version of “Nicolas Bourbaki”?

  2. Oyster said

    Heh, I guess we run the risk of having our audience suspect that Minsky is but a pseudonym for our more controversial posts. But I am confident that as Minsky writes more, he’ll establish an independent voice that will assuage your concerns.

  3. challahbackgirl said

    Welcome to the Team!

  4. minsky said

    As much as my opinions may be “controversial”, the threat of me speaking for more than one person, is lower than average, because speaking for more than one person is a common problem for those, whose opinions are just that, average. Which still gives me some room, when I want to have an average opinion, because frankly, I am not a Mandelbrot, nor do I know much about topological vector spaces , regardless of their Eigenvalue.

  5. Oyster said

    That’s it, Minsky. You’re gonna have the Mandelbrot (not Mandelbread!) set as your profile picture on the “About” page! 🙂

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