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CBDYAG Invites You to Bowling Nite

Posted by challahbackgirl on May 16, 2007


Previously posted on CBDYAG’s Blog


(This) Saturday, May 19, 9pm, Jewish Young Adult Bowling Nite

Lace up your shoes, CBDYAG’s rollin’ into Homestead Lanes to try our hand at bowling and you’re invited.

Bowling Pins and Ball

We’ll meet in the parking lot for Havdalah, enjoy laughs and scoring on the lanes and at 10:30 the night heats up with Cosmic Bowling! Come roll in the good times with us, $15 a person for shoes and unlimited bowling for the nite.

RSVP in advance is apperciated, so they can reserve enough lanes.

Contact cbdyag [at] gmail.com. Check out the evite.

They look forward to seeing you there, friends always welcome.


3 Responses to “CBDYAG Invites You to Bowling Nite”

  1. Oyster said

    Why lace up our shoes? We’re just gonna have to take them off anyways. 🙂

  2. challahbackgirl said

    Point taken Oyster,

    You’ll still need to lace up your bowling shoes, even if those come off too by the end of the night. 🙂

    Sorry it’s a bit out of order, you’ll need to lace up your shoes before leaving the bowling alley, after you’ve had lots of fun bowling with CBDYAG.

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