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Belated post in Honor of Victory Day and Jewish Veterans.

Posted by minsky on May 17, 2007

57251.jpgConsidering the number of Jewish WWII veterans, who heroically fought against the Nazi’s, and together with the Soviet Red Army liberated Majdanek, Auschwitz, Belzets, Sachsenhausen, putting a stop to the Holocaust, our omission of May 8-9 as a Victory Day, calls for rectification. Better late than never. I ask all those reading this blog to post some comments in honor of those predominantly Russian Jewish, and non-Jewish Russian war veterans who reside in the Bay Area and celebrate May 9th as Victory over Nazism day. We need to honor their courage, their memory, and their contribution to our lives. Please read about their experience:


Having had the moving and personal experience of participating in the commemoration of a monument dedicated to Jewish World War II partisans, I invite readers to learn about their heroic, and valuable contribution to the defeat of the Third Reich, and for their contribution to the survival of the Jewish people. The Jewish partisans website is a good place to start .


auschwitz liberation 440


3 Responses to “Belated post in Honor of Victory Day and Jewish Veterans.”

  1. Oyster said

    Definitely check out the Jewish Partisans website. It’s really well-done, and an unparalleled story. There’s a reason I have Eta Wrobel’s picture gracing the top-right corner of Oy Bay.

    I’m really glad that you brought this up, Minsky. I was actually where those soldiers and prisoners are standing in Auschwitz just over a year ago.

    One thing that Americans need to understand is that the US did very little to try to stop the Holocaust. They bombed a nearby chemical factory to Auschwitz, but never dropped a bomb on the camp itself. They were fully aware of what was going on. But for some reason, there’s this American myth that 1) the US had no idea that it was going on, and 2) that the US liberated the Jews. We liberated a handful in Germany (like Dachau), but most of the death camps were in Poland and thus liberated by the Russians.

    Compare that with the millions of Russians that died fighting the Third Reich in the eastern front. Many of my Russian friends tell me that an entire generation of men were wiped out in most of the country.

    Not to white-wash Russia as a saint, but there needs to be more balance in how we remember Russia’s and the US’s actions in WWII, and especially regarding the Holocaust.

  2. jasper said

    Jews own

  3. Oyster said

    I’m dying of suspense here, Jasper. What do Jews own? Your keyboard?

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