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Oy Bay correction: Anne Wojcicki is a Nice Jewish Girl!

Posted by Oyster on May 24, 2007

Anne Wojcicki Sergey BrinProvoked by a johnny-come-lately story from TM at Jewlicious covering the Jewgle marriage [Merc], I decided to needle him about the fact that Oy Bay got there first. But in doing some additional background searching, I realized that I had incorrectly called Anne Wojcicki “a shiksa”. Oh, how wrong I am! Anne, if you are reading this, I sincerely apologize. You see, kind readers, not only is Anne a Jewlicious member-of-the-tribe, but she’s on the board of fricken’ REBOOT!

Pardon me as I extract my foot out of my mouth…


Anne Wojcicki Anne Wojcicki co-founded 23andMe in 2006 to enable individuals to get access to their genetic information. Prior to starting 23andMe, Anne spent 10 years investing in healthcare companies. She graduated with a BS in Biology from Yale and did molecular biology research at the National Institute of Health, Weizmann Institute, and UC San Diego.

That’s ’23’ as in chromosomes. And that’s fricken’ Weizmann Institute, in Rekhovot, Israel! Would it be a stretch to conjecture that fair Anne is also a Zionist?

Looks like that of all sources, that bastion of quality Jewish blogging, SomethingJewish got it right.

I was at the REBOOT / Hub Dawn event on Erev Shavu’ot (pics & story soonish), and I didn’t see no sight of the cute couple. Probably not worth to skip their honeymoon for silly little Shavuot, no? I’m sure they dined on thousand-dollar slices of cheesecake as they contemplated the receiving of the Torah at… hey, didn’t I see you at Sinai??

Now if only we could get nice Jewish folks like Sergey Brin and Anne Wojcicki to be involved in local Jewish activities. Wanna join us next time for Silicon Valley Connect? We’ve even conveniently relocated over to Mountain View; within WiFi range of the GooglePlex. Wait, you have a Koogle complex?

Koogle Web Jew-point-0

Mazal tov u’mazal tov to the Jewish bride and groom. 🙂


15 Responses to “Oy Bay correction: Anne Wojcicki is a Nice Jewish Girl!”

  1. TM said

    Sheesh, what exactly do we need to do to get some respect?

  2. Maybe when dude starts to contribute more to Jewish and/or Israeli causes, then his membership in the tribe will be more noteworthy.

    or the least he can do is tweak the google algorithm so that it stops listing Islamist and anti-Israel sites and legitimate news sources.

    oh yeah, and the jew watch thing, too. that would be nice.

  3. Oyster said


    Hmmm… I’ll have to ponder that one for a while. 🙂


    I agree with you about the Google clustering algorithm that they use for Google-News, but I would differ with you regarding their hyperlink-structure algorithm for ranking websites. Google builds trust with its unvarnished analysis of the underlying hyperlink-structure of the web. As for news, I think there is a lot of subjectivity in what site is classified as a “news” site, and therefore they can put in some restrictions on what is displayed.

    I mean, they tweak the news site anyways, delivering localized versions to major languages/countries. So why not filter out the Islamic fanatic sites?

  4. Oyster said

    Whoa, we’re currently one of the top Google results for “Anne Wojcicki”. I guess we haven’t (yet?) been cursed by the Google overlords! :-p

  5. […] this be a sign of good things to come? Are my predictions of a Jewishly involved Mr. & Mrs. Brin coming to […]

  6. […] this be a sign of good things to come? Are my predictions of a Jewishly involved Mr. & Mrs. Brin coming to […]

  7. I’m glad I found OyBay blog. I am starting a Jewish blog that supports everything that is Jewish, though I am not a Jew. OyBay will be one of my resources for blog reflection.

  8. Jeff said

    She must be jewish, she’s waaay to ugly to be anything else. That’s what we need, more ugly inbred people with gazillions of genetic diseases marrying each other.

  9. kra said

    wtf ? Jewish girls are not ugly at all! What world are you living in. Have you been to Israel?

  10. Milty said

    I don’t know who is uglier, Sergey Brin or his wife. Anyway, it looks as if you could launch a rocket off her chin! Does her fuckin’ jaw ever end? Where is the delicacy of the female in this ugly broad? She looks just like a man she is so friggin’ plain.

  11. orwelle said

    Sergey and his ugly wife should not be cloning themselves because they are passing on numerous genetic diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease. Sergey and his wife are ugly on the inside and on the outside. They are both inbred Kikes with disgusting facial features, bodily deformities, and Jewish inbred genetic diseases. More importantly, they are contributing to the worldwide takeover of all forms of the media by Jews, including the Internet. Sergey Brin is an Idiot Savant, as are his ancestors. Sergey Brin admits he hates to read and has only limited reading skills. This is the mark of an Idiot Savant, a math “genius” but deficient in verbal, social and moral skills. In short, an Idiot!

  12. it is actually fun to be on music festivals because i love music so much ‘

  13. koogle 😀 hehe looll .d

    thanks admin

  14. sylvia said

    Sergey Brin and is wife are examples of repulsively ugly jews who are evil, conniving, money-hungry kikes. Sergey’s wife looks exactly like a seriously ugly man. I didn’t know a woman could be that ugly! When Sergey and his wife pass on their kike deformities and genetic diseases, they will be doing the world a horrible disservice. jews are the lowest of the low of the low! Kike shit!

  15. wiki links said

    Yo, I am ranking the crap out of “cb auto profits”.

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