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Nice Jewish Girl ISO Nice Kosher Home

Posted by Oyster on May 29, 2007

This was forwarded to me. Does anyone know where she might stay for the summer? I gave her advice already on how to  network using all the various email lists. Do you have a more specific lead? Contact me at oyster[at]oy-bay.org.

I am a first-year MBA student at the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University.  I will be doing my summer internship in Palo Alto from early June through early to mid-September.  So I’m looking for summer housing.  I would probably describe myself as Conservadox.  I am somewhat flexible on location because I should, theoretically, have a car.

If you could help me with any of the following, I would really appreciate it:

  • Information on a room for rent with access to a kosher kitchen
  • Contact with others seeking summer housing and interested in keeping a kosher kitchen
  • Contact with others who can further my search for one or both of the above

I really appreciate your assistance!


One Response to “Nice Jewish Girl ISO Nice Kosher Home”

  1. senay yacob said

    first of all, i wouldlike to thanks for give this opporthunity and as menshion orady my name i live in ethiopia and i am textile engeneer, i am 24 years old and i love jewish girl and boy specialy girls becaus at this time i am not egaged, so i strongly to mairred and live with them so i love jewish people and i wish long and perspirous life in the futher and my lord jesus chirist bless.

    your best
    senay yacob

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