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Knocked Up

Posted by lchaimlover on June 1, 2007

Oyster told me when I started a post had to have three themes, Jewish, young, Bay Area. As long as I tried to hit two out of three, I was ok. So now I shall justify why I am writing about Knocked Up:

1)      Young Cast

2)      Jewish Cast & an a plethora of Jewish references (including how he uses a product called “Jew” to get his hair curly)

3)      San Francisco reference

Now that I have justified myself, let me tell you of the brilliance of Knocked Up.


 Alison and Scott getting to know each other, after she realizes she is pregnant.

Writer/Director Judd Apatow delivers poignant, touching, and hilarious story of two kids who make a mistake one drunken night, and end up pregnant. The movie follows them as they weather the trials and tribulations of making this mistake work. Star Seth Rogan is not only funny, but appropriately touching and adorable in all the right places. Channeling great Jewish funny man Albert Brooks, Rogan’s fumbling attempts to be an adult make him so relatable that his performance, as my friend put it, “hits too close to home.” It seems to strain credibility why a talented and beautiful Alison (Katherine Hiegl) would stick with the stoner, over grown kid Ben (Rogan). But you are rooting for him the whole time, because if he isn’t you, he is definitely a good friend. Just as American Pie detailed how our generation struggled through adolescence, Knocked Up is what happens when we try to grow up.

The humor and Jewish references (look for a particularly funny one about Matisyahu) alone make this movie more than worth the $10 ticket for any Oy Bayer.



One Response to “Knocked Up”

  1. Oyster said

    Just saw it. The wrong movie to see right now for several reasons, but saw it I did.

    Jewish references: bearded friend as ‘rabbi’, or Matisyahu. Random Jewish Torah scholar painting on his wall. Their OB/GYN was gone for a ‘Bar Mitzvah’. Jokes about Jews, choseness…

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