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Jewish Music + Gamers=Klezident Evil

Posted by challahbackgirl on June 4, 2007

Klezident Evil

Klezident Evil is a band based in Cupertino, California (ok, we’re all over the Bay Area but that’s where we practice). We play a variety of music, centered on Klezmer and other Eastern European folk music, with a little bit of jazz and video/computer game music thrown in.

Klezident Evil BagWhat makes this group special? They are gamers too, so they know their video games, and if you listen to the clips on their site you know they know their Klezmer too. Not to mention one is a CBDYAGnik!

Grab a friend and come out and show your support for a CBDYAGnik, when Klezident Evil plays Saturday, June 9 at Barefoot Coffee Cafe, Santa Clara, CA, between 8pm and 11pm.

Get a sneak peak at their music or buy their gear on their website. They are looking for some new members too, gamer not required.


One Response to “Jewish Music + Gamers=Klezident Evil”

  1. Squeedle said

    Thanks for the plug! I hope some of you made it – it was pretty full and once we got started I lost all track of who was there, so I don’t know 🙂

    In spite of the fact that there was a mix-up about how much time we had, it was a great gig and the staff told us it was “mandatory” that we come back. Our two members who are leaving said they thought we should be able to fit in another gig there before they leave in August. I’m hoping we’ll have the Tron Scherzo ready, and we’ll play the whole 2 hours so we’ll play ALL the game music we had prepared. Will let you guys know the date.

    We need a trombone player, a bass or tuba player (pref. tuba), a percussionist, and someone who plays either trumpet, violin or clarinet. If you’re interested go to our website & send me mail (linked in the original article).

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