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Great Live Music: Hyim and the Idan Raichel Project

Posted by challahbackgirl on June 13, 2007

Thanks to the SF Hub’s The Listening Party and the Stern Grove Festival we’ve got two, yes 2 great opportunities to hear Hyim with the The Fat fOakland Orchestra and the Idan Raichel Project FREE.

Idan Raichel Project, Israeli musicians

This Thursday, June 14 is The Listening Party at the G Bar in SF

The Listening Party series aims to get English speaking audiences familiar with Israeli music and Hebrew lyrics before attending live performances and concerts.

Then on Sunday, June 24th starting at 2pm is their performance as part of the Stern Grove Festival (now in it’s 70th year, visit their site for a promo code to download free music and hear clips) Join the Hub here for a picnic and a post show chat with the performers. Don’t forget to check out the Stern Grove Festival Survival Guide before you go.

For those of you with kids, Hyim is participating in Stern Grove Festival Kids Days.

Both artists are influenced by sounds from around the world and it shows in their music. Idan Raichel Project entered the Israeli music scene in 2002 with their debut album quickly reaching #1 on the Israeli album sales chart. The music promotes love and tolerance and they are known for putting on a spectacular show. Learn more about them from their bio.

Hyim, an Oy-Bay Area native has been making music since an early age and even traveled to Poland last month to perform as the American Jew Rock Performer, playing 2 concerts for Memory and Tolerance Weekend, you can read his reflections from the trip in his newsletter Hylife. He’s not shy on public recognition in the States either as a California Music Awards Nominee, Yamaha Sponsored Artist and KFOG Local Scene Artist. The Fat fOakland Orchestra features many established musicians as well including Carlos Santana’s nephew.

Born and raised on a commune in San Francisco in the late ’70s, Hyim still holds the flower child’s lantern for peace and unabashed positive vibrations. This child grew up to play piano at age 3, free style rap at age 10, and produce hip hop tapes by the time he was becoming a Bar Mitzvah. Hyim went on to study sitar in India, classical guitar in New Zealand, and clave in Cuba. His b-boy dancing skills combined w/his Sting-esque voice are sweetly bound by his uncanny charm, obvious sex appeal and poetic lyricism. Refusing to be boxed in, Hyim continues to be an independent artist, producing, DJing, performing, teaching, living, loving and evolving. Hyim’s band.

Oh, and did I say it’s all FREE.

Hyim and the Foakland Orchestra

3 Responses to “Great Live Music: Hyim and the Idan Raichel Project”

  1. Yair said

    Ha! I saw Idan at the American embassy in Tel Aviv (apparently to get his visa in order). He was there with all of his chronies
    including the very beautiful and talented Cabra Casey. I wanted them to break out into a jam session right there in the visa line.

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