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Israel & Maxim: A Strategic Partnership?

Posted by lchaimlover on June 21, 2007

Every time you walk out the door of your parents’ house on your way to some singles event, your mother says the same thing, “Maybe you’ll meet somebody!” Maxim and Israel are taking that Jewish need to meet nice Jewish girls to a whole new level. In an effort to boost their ratings with men ages 18-40, Israel is letting IDF soldiers pose for Maxim magazine in bikinis, in a spread called The Women of the IDF. Apparently “Young men have no opinion of Israel,” so Israel needs to create one. One blog calls the display “disgusting” , The Guardian implied it was pornography.


Not so tznuis…Nivit here has been covered up by our

frum censors, head over to Maxim to see more…


This isn’t the first time that we Jews have used sex to sell Israel; you may remember my article on the condoms that said “It’s still safe to come.” But before it was kind of an in-joke, now it is so commercialized, it does feel a bit like prostitution. If people see Israel as too militaristic or too religious, is it so bad if it is known as too sexy?


5 Responses to “Israel & Maxim: A Strategic Partnership?”

  1. Oyster said

    Israel is already dafka sexy. The problem is that now the goyim will know, too! :-p

    Oh, and Jewschool and Jewlicious have written a fair deal about this topic, too.

  2. Oyster said

    OMG-d, I just realized that the photo was shopped! lol, who did that?

  3. whitefrodude said

    Don’t forget Birthrights slogan of “You’ll always remeber your first time”. Also since this needs to be said and I am the only one that will say it…the girls would be so much hotter if they were pictured with their guns.

  4. lchaimlover said

    I bet Maxim wanted to do guns but Israel said no, you know so they don’t look so milataristic, but your right, what are IDF girls without their guns? Just Israeli girls.

  5. And let us not forget the American Apparel ad: “We’re glad you came.”

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