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Oyster meets Idan Raichel, Hyim

Posted by Oyster on June 26, 2007

Idan Raichel Oyster

Oyster has a blast on Oy Bay’s Birthday weekend.

I’m scrambling to get ready for my ROI 120 trip, but I figured it would be some sort of crime for me not to gush about meeting Idan Raichel yesterday! :-p I also was able to interview Hyim of the Fat Foakland Orchestra, thanks to Linda Yelnick, the amazing dynamo Jewish music promoter that hooked me up with back-stage access! As previously pimped here on Oy Bay, the two Jew eclectic & creative music groups were paired up by the clever organizers of the Stern Grove festival. The grove was named after a Jew, and their descendents, namely the Jewish royal family of SF consisting of the Levi-Strauss-Haas-Goldman tribe, manage the festival until today. In fact, Doug Goldman, the current scion of the storied family (and my one-time benefactor, but I transgress digress…), stopped by while I was interviewing Hyim to congratulate & thank him. Also many had a great time at the Oy Bay birthday party on Saturday night. No one is soon going to forget our having dinner & being interviewed by Tamar Ish-Shalom of Israel’s Channel 10 News!

I’m exhausted, so I’m gonna throw up some links, and you’ll take it from there, okay my beloved readers? The rest after the jump!

And, the performances:


2 Responses to “Oyster meets Idan Raichel, Hyim”

  1. […] this year will feature live music from Hyim with the The Fat fOakland Orchestra, if you saw them at Stern Grove in June you know you won’t want to miss this performance just for […]

  2. […] This past summer we enjoyed the Idan Raichel Project at the Stern Grove Festival in San Francisco, Oyster even interview leader and brainchild of the group Idan Raichel. Now this diverse collective of eight musicians and vocalists will be at Stanford’s Memorial […]

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