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Shawarma in Santa Clara

Posted by challahbackgirl on July 6, 2007

The Jewish Community Study of 2004 points to a southward shift of Bay Area Jews that Oyster referenced, well maybe another eatery opened by an Israeli is further evidence.

Rolling out this July (it might have opened July 4th) is The Golden Ball, as the owner said:

We will serve “Glatt kosher Mediterranean food ( falafel.shawarma,home made food,etc’) without certificate since we will be open 7 days a week. We cater as well for all occasions.

The Golden Ball
5075 Stevens Creek Blvd Unit # 10
Santa Clara ca 95051
fax: 408-246-3883

A website is in the works, but not live, sorry folks.


11 Responses to “Shawarma in Santa Clara”

  1. Oyster said

    Whoa, I’m so confused! Where did you hear/read this? I don’t understand the ‘certificate’ statement.

  2. challahbackgirl said

    In sort the restaurant that is opening this week is not certified, but according the owner is going to use kosher products unsupervised.

  3. Oyster said

    SmallHoliday informs me:

    i just called the restaurant…they open on 7/15 for the grand opening. they will serve kosher food (won’t mix meat and milk) and use glatt kosher meat but won’t pay for the kosher certificate cuz then they can’t be open on Saturday.

  4. challahbackgirl said

    I went on opening day and the food is great, so is the service. Go check it out.

  5. Ish Tov said

    Do we know anything about the people who own and manage the place? Are they reputable?

    I just don’t want to be the victim of some fly by night fake kosher restaurant scam…. Actually that sounds like a pretty good idea.

    Announcing the grand opening of:

    Ish Tov’s “Kosher” Restaurant


  6. […] Shawarma in Santa Clara […]

  7. tlavee said

    Delicious food! We already visited The Golden Ball twice. The place is clean, friendly and everything is very fresh and tasty.

    Yeshar Koach!!!!!

  8. Oyster said

    Thanks, Tlavee! We enjoyed it too.

  9. Monica said

    I hope it’s okay for me to write a comment here. We aren’t Jewish but we just ate at The Golden Ball as it is right around the corner from where we live. While of course I cannot speak to the kosher issue, I can say the food was very tasty and fresh, and the service was fast. For sure we will return again.

  10. nobody important said

    That doesn’t really make sense…
    If they want to cater to the Glatt Kosher community- won’t they want to have a certificate as well??

  11. Monica,
    Of course it’s okay for you to comment here. We enjoyed the Golden Ball too, see our review.

    Nobody Important,
    They aren’t trying to cater to the fully Glatt Kosher community. But rather a wider customer base like including people like Monica, for whom it’s convenient and tasty. But for those that keep kosher, but not in it’s strictest form, they only use kosher meat in their dishes.

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