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Take me out to the ballgame…in Tel Aviv?

Posted by lchaimlover on July 12, 2007


The Logos of the IBL teams

I am a die hard Red Sox fan. Had to put it out there, as this will be a discussion about baseball. While the Gentiles may laugh at Jews in sports, we know better. And now Israel is attempting the edge into the All American Pastime: Baseball. Israel has launched the Israeli Baseball League,with 6 teams, four fields, and 45 games.

While most of the people at the first game this past weekend were Americans, it looks as if our sport might have a chance in the Middle East. In order to tweak it for the new audience, a few rules have been changed to mae the game faster paced (which I wouldn’t mind here in the US) and you can even get some Big League gum! While I am unsure of the status of crackerjacks, I definitely know my first stop on my next trip to Israel.

2 Responses to “Take me out to the ballgame…in Tel Aviv?”

  1. I watch a lot of football (soccer). So when I first read the title, thats what I thought you would be talking about.

  2. dave said

    I going to be a lighting fan. What team you guy’s going for?

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