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Izzy’s Re-Visited

Posted by lchaimlover on July 16, 2007


Granted in the next nine days we can’t have so much of the kosher meat, I thought this might be a good time to recap on how Izzy’s Brooklyn Deli was going. The last time Oy Bay visited, Izzy’s had some growing pains, and sadly it has yet to overcome these. I went in there about a week ago and my friend met a rabbi he knew. The rabbi asked with a chuckle, “So how long did you wait for your food?” The lengthy wait for food (line or no line) is not the only criticism on this new establishment. A few friends and I have noticed that on the frequent visits to the wonderful looking deli, we have yet to get all of our orders correct. And while I am not a fan of ordering my food in advance by phone, I was willing to do it until one afternoon I called and was told “We’re working here, we can’t take your order now. Call back later.” Gotta love that Israeli atmosphere.

Now it might be easy for you to say, so just don’t eat there, but some of us don’t have the luxury of a plethora of choices for our kosher meals. And despite it all, the food is good, when they get it right. Now I’d love to say that the popularity of the place is overcoming these glaring obstacles, it isn’t. Sadly on a Friday afternoon, when all of the forgetful Jewish husbands should have been lined up to pick up last minute items, Izzy’s was quite empty.  Let’s hope that Izzy’s Deli can shape up fast, because honestly, I like having it handy.


12 Responses to “Izzy’s Re-Visited”

  1. Oyster said


    PLEASE IMPROVE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE. All I ever hear from people who have eaten at Izzy’s Deli (I haven’t, so to a degree I’m an impartial messenger), is complaints about the expensive food, and the slow & error-prone service.

    Please, I don’t want to see another kosher establishment to go under in the south bay. Remember Willow Glen Kosher Market? Listen up to your dissatisfied customers. You will not have them to take for granted if you continue with the high prices coupled with unsatisfactory service. Kosher or not.

  2. Ish Tov said

    Way to go guys. Bad mouth the one kosher restaurant in town. That will help their business. Ever heard of giving private feedback?

    The last time I went, I got a Reuben and didn’t have to wait that long. And it was really good.

    Oyster, I’m surprised you haven’t been there. You go to just about every Jewish event in the Bay Area.

    From what I hear, the food is expensive because they’ve chosen the super kosher meat that everyone can eat. Apparently it costs about twice as much as regular kosher meat.

    They should do a survey of their customers to see how many people value it. I would guess only 10% or less actually do.

  3. […] Izzy’s Re-Visited […]

  4. lchaimlover said

    I didn’t say anything about the price, in fact when I last reviewed Izzy’s I didn’t really mind the price, I can only eat at Kosher places, and am willing to pay a few bucks extra. In fact, I don’t really think I trashed Izzy’s at all, if you wanna see me trash a place, go find my review on Neto’s, now there is trashing.

    In fact I did highlight the great things about Izzy’s : great food, great looking place, oh and I did forget the people are usually pretty nice to me when the order is wrong.

    And I think more people value kosher meat than you realize.

    If it makes you feel better, I still eat there.

  5. Oyster said

    Ish Tov:

    For a mix of circumstance, I haven’t been there yet. I plan on eating their kosher meat at my earliest possible convenience.

    I would never bad-mouth individuals. But Jewish institutions are fair-game. If there’s no freedom for Jews to openly criticize their Jewish institutions, then things will stagnate and never improve.

    Like I made abundantly clear, I am criticizing them so that they stay in business. They need to get their act together so that they won’t end up like the Willow Glen Kosher Market.

  6. Ish Tov said

    Lchaimlover, I value kosher meat as well. I don’t eat meat that isn’t kosher. The point that I was trying to make is that there is regular kosher meat, and then there is extra expensive kosher meat. From what I understand, Izzy’s is getting the extra expensive kosher meat so that people who go beyond OU can eat there.

    My comment about price was in response to Oyster’s second hand comment about the food being expensive.

    Oyster, I agree that criticism is fair game, but wouldn’t a private comment to the owners be just as effective? How do you know they will even see your comment on this post?

    Also please keep in mind that as a people we have a problem with complaining too much. I can just see the Israelites in the desert complaining about the Manna:

    “It takes so long to gather it. We have to schlep all the way out into the fields to get it. Sometimes it’s wet from the dew…”

  7. Oyster said

    Ish Tov:

    “extra expensive kosher meat”, is that code for glatt kosher? Because
    if so, ‘The Golden Ball’ buys glatt kosher meat, and they proudly
    display the labels so you know what you’re getting. Does Izzy’s make
    the glatt kosher labels available for customers to see?

    So first you say that I’m gonna hurt their business, and now you’re
    saying that it’s unlikely that they’ll even ever read this? 🙂 You
    can’t have it both ways. Either we’re relevant, or we’re not.

    There are many reasons why I made a public critique. First off, I’ve
    never eaten there personally, so it is not my place to make an
    individual complaint or feedback to Izzy’s. Secondly, I’m acting as a
    shield to all of the individuals that don’t want to complain to Izzy’s
    directly. Many people avoid this because they feel intimidated, or
    they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. So as a media outlet with
    some audience, I give the otherwise voiceless a platform for their
    opinion to be heard.

    And I’ve already explained the merits of fair criticism in the Jewish
    community regarding Jewish organizations or businesses. True friends
    speak frankly to one another; they don’t need any sycophants.

  8. Ish Tov said

    Oyster, “extra expensive kosher meat” is code but not for glatt. Basically, as I understand it, there is a subset of the Orthodox population that have their own kashrut certification. I don’t want to bash anyone, so I’m not going to be more specific. But from what I understand, their meat is more expensive.

    Also, I can understand how it seems like I’m contradicting myself, but I’m not. What I’m saying is that Oy-Bay is probably most popular among hip, 20’s and 30’s people. These folks are the potential customers of Izzy’s. The owners are older and have probably never heard of Oy-Bay, especially if you’ve never been there. So if you want them to actually see your open letter, you should send it to them.

    Otherwise, even though this isn’t your intent, you might be contributing to Izzy’s eventually having the same fate as the Willow Glen Kosher Market.

    Also, the reason the Golden Ball needs to make their kosher labels available is because they don’t have kosher certification or a kashrut observer, whereas Izzy’s does. I’m not criticizing the Golden Ball. What they are doing makes sense, given that they aren’t under supervision. But I’m sure Izzy’s certificate of kashrut is available.

    You should really give them a chance.

  9. Oyster said

    Don’t worry, I’ll give them a chance! I just don’t find myself out in Sunnyvale very often when it’s not Shabbat. 🙂 I hear that ChallahBackGirl is setting up the next ‘Meat & Greet’ to be Oyster-friendly. :-p

  10. Yes, Oyster the next Kosher Meat and Greet is going to be a Dinner Edition. Join CBD Young Adults for dinner at Izzy’s at 7pm. And Ish Tov will be there.

  11. Mazel Tov to Izzy’s Brooklyn Deli for winning 2nd Place in the J’s Reader Choice awards for Jewish Style Deli in the South Bay/Peninsula.

  12. woow

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