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Hashem, An Obituary

Posted by minsky on July 26, 2007

Who is this?


A Jewish convert to Islam. He runs a shop in East Jerusalem. He is famous, and you can read about him elsewhere; I will tell you about a Muslim friend of mine who tried converting to Judaism, and an article I found in the Economist.

My friend was “born” Muslim (yes, it happens…if you’re born, and your parents are Muslims), and tried becoming Jewish for about three years, until finally giving up in despair. He made it hard for himself. Knocking at Chareidi doors, he felt their discomfort with his swarthiness. Knocking at Conservative ones, an equal discomfort with his piousness. Personally, I was no help. On the one hand, I saw him projecting Islamic rigidity into Judaism, and thought his troubles meritted; on the other , I sympathised with his profound need for Hashem. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer, and we had an honest exchange.

Now the second. “Hashem is dead.” Or so announced the Economist on December 23 — you guessed it, 1999. Seduced by the magic number 2000, with all its zeroes, an apposite encomium to a vanished foe. A forceful resurection of the Great Kraut’s “G-d is Dead” of 1882.

As far as obituaries go, this one got less attention than deserved. Lines of the sortkrishna_cow.jpg

“He let Hindus paint him as what, to others, looked like a blue-faced flute-player with an interest in dairy-farming” are not in keeping with elegiac verse, nor Hindutwa sentiment, lines of this kind, with our own “Christians nationalised God, as Jews had long since, like some coal mine.”

Hashem nationalised, like some coal mine? Why pick on coal-mines? What about other hydrocarbons?

Ok readers, I dont want to bother you further, and I’ll get to the point. The question on my mind, is Hashem dead? I mean Hashem, not G-d. Or do I? Because just in case you wondered, I advised my friend to turn to Pentecostalism. Why? Most of them either don’t earn enough to subscribe to, or have the time for, the Economist. Put in PC language, they are too busy with less mundane affairs.


3 Responses to “Hashem, An Obituary”

  1. Oyster said

    Wait, so he sold his hat and bought a tie? I thought there was more to converting to Islam, like declaring HaShem to be HaShem, and for Muhammad to be his only prophet.

    I’m sympathize with your friend. For those of faith it can be frustrating when you feel that you cannot find the right outlet or ‘home’ for yourself. Even within a faith, you can feel that. If he was sincere, and went to the right rabbis, he could have made it through. He might have been turned off by the comparably cold way that we traditionally receive potential proselytes, as compared with Christianity or Islam.

    I personally think your so-called ‘Great’ Kraut was just a little bit sour when it came to theology. I personally like to eat carbohydrates, but if you prefer hydrocarbons, then who am I to criticize?

    I personally don’t think that HaShem is dead. I think it’s a preposterous question. If the Kraut’s basis for making that statement (which, Wikipedia informs me is not to be taken as a coarse insult to theists) is that the majority of his society didn’t believe in HaShem, and therefore the concomitant moral code had no basis. If belief or truth was a function of popularity, then we mind as well throw in the towel. I could equally declare “Darwin is Dead”, since the majority of this country seems not to buy Chuckie’s theory.

    • Amir Muslim said

      No in Islam your prophet is not only mohammed it is moses jesus abraheem daniel jacob adam noah and many other prophets whom came with the same message as us muslim’s follow which is there is only one god ,, follow his command you find success you disobey you fail……………… and what he meant hashem is dead as in the Jewish hashem is dead now he is a Muslim that is what is meant in the article

  2. minsky said

    About the cabbage. Hm… no, it wasnt about popularity, it was about G-d. A G-d of the Christians, Europeans, and of the Modern world. Zarathrustra was a cave man, and his fame was nil when he proclaimed Fritz’s originally Gay words word for word, to a deaf world. Wikipedia is just plain wrong, here.

    As regards Hashem, His obituary. Is He alive or dead, our G-d?

    I have a nagging feeling, He is all but gone from our midst.

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