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"My heart is in the east, and I in the uttermost west." — Yehudah Ha-Levi

Dr. Ruth: My Hero

Posted by lchaimlover on July 30, 2007


I have to admit, every time I hear something new about Dr. Ruth, I am astounded. At her age, I’ll probably be lucky to walk, let alone be young and spritely. But when she should be basking in retirement, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, long known for her sex help and advice, has just finished up a three week trip to Israel. She was there working on a fascinating new documentary about Bedouin families and the impact of modernity and the new found independence of Bedouin women. And she just finished one about Druze families.
Dr. Ruth’s story is as amazing as her work. She narrowly escaped the Holocaust, which would consume her entire family. She went on to Israel where she fought in the War of Independence as a sniper.

I highly recommend reading up on her.  Or you can hit up her website.


One Response to “Dr. Ruth: My Hero”

  1. Mike C said

    i would fuck her so hard

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