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Jewish Heritage Night: Last Call!

Posted by Oyster on August 6, 2007

Yes, it’s that time of year again, sports fans. When an avowed non-fan of baseball promotes an occurence of the national pasttime like he’s a shill on stereoids… or is that Bonds? But I transgress digress… Come out to see the SF Jew-ants play the Nationals, for the kosher food, for  the Rabbi Ferris & the Ferris Wheels band, the Rally Rabbi (you know, the one that helped get the Warriors into the playoffs?), and the teeming masses of Jew-boys & Jew-girls! Cuz I ain’t no Challah-back girl! Okay, that’s still not enough for you? Then do it for the bobble-heads of Rabbi Yosef Langer (as first reported here at Oy Bay)! As Jew-eye’d Joe at the J reports, bobble-heads are all the rage (just nod in agreement, people), and Oy Bay has even been getting some odd traffic from bobble-head maniac sites! Weirdness!

Will somebody please think of the bobble-heads?!

Related info for getting into the Jewish nose-bleed ghetto (with little solace except for a sycophant pocket-hassid):

Rally Rabbi 1 Rally Rabbi 2


3 Responses to “Jewish Heritage Night: Last Call!”

  1. The Hub’s doing Happy Hour before the game.

    Bobblehead backlash in letters to the editor of the J. For those not like Oyster and are season ticket holders, don’t worry, they’ll have bobbleheads for purchase as well.

  2. JB said

    For anyone coming to the game with any group, if you would like to tailgate with SVYAD, drop me an email at svyad@jvalley.org and we will make sure that we have enough food. We would ask that you pay $10 per person coming.

  3. […] was the 7th inning during Jewish Heritage Night, and due to my national pasttime-induced narcolepsy, my feverish mind sprung into action. Rally […]

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