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US and Jihad

Posted by minsky on August 7, 2007

Reda Seyam: Jihad is eight months old. He’s a Berliner, born in Berlin.

Interviewer: Jihad is an unusual name for a German. Why Jihad?

Seyam: Jihad originates from the Koran. It has many meanings, such as striving to stay on the straight path.

Interviewer: But you have just shown me that jihad is a call to war, to struggle. Is it not a burden for your child to bear such a name?

Seyam: I think he will be proud that he has this name. Even if we’re forced to change his name in documents, Jihad will stay Jihad. Yes, he is fighting now- just born and already in court. You’ve already begun your fight, boy. Did you hear that?

source: Harpers Magazine

Isn’t it strange that over 90% of anti-semitic incidents in the EU are perpetrated by Muslims?

Not really.

A boy named Jihad?

Impudence, pure and simple, a form of arrogance, based on self-richeousnes; a mindset which should raise questions about Islam’s tendency towards antagonism and conflict in a multi-religious, multicultural, and multipolar world. If a religion assumes superiority, then in today’s world it must guarantee those it considers inferior, treatment in keeping with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Islam can’t, because it has its own bill of rights.

Every Pew opinion-poll tells us that from Pakistan to the Maghreb Muslims consider womens’ treatment better in Cairo, than Ohio, and the majority of our secular values, as offensive, and dangerous. Islam bills it-self as inestimably superior to our culture, our cultural relativism, and thus its take on the West is condescending. A recent documentary in Iran sums it up Democracy is a Pretext, not a value. The run-of-the-mill Saudi newspaper portays Westerners and Jews as monkeys and pigs, 1400 year old chauvinist imagery straight out of the Quran. So what have you to be proud of, you Western imperialist?

With Islam its easy. Forget the Yids, fags, nihilists, bitches, pinkos, and Just call yourself a Jihad.


9 Responses to “US and Jihad”

  1. brighttoughtandJewish said

    “…in November 2003, there was an attempt to suppress an internal EU-commissioned report that traced the majority of attacks on European Jews to “radical Islamists or young Muslims, mostly of Arab descent” Viz report: http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=119115&contrassID=1

  2. Jew4Freedom said

    … the majority of anti-Semitic attacks in Europe since 9/11 have been perpetrated by members of the very same Muslim communities now claming to be Europe’s new Jews. In almost every case of harassment and violence documented by CIDI in Amsterdam, the victims reported that their persecutors were of North African Muslims origin. It is Muslim gangs who have been responsible for many of the anti- Jewish hate crimes across the rest of the continent as well.

    By the end of last year, following the summer’s conflict between Hezbollah and Israel, Muslim offenses against Jews in Europe had reached unprecedented heights. Holocaust memorials in Brussels and Berlin were desecrated with swastikas, and in scenes reminiscent of Kristallnacht or the pogroms of the czars, twenty Jewish shops in Rome were vandalized.

    Text cited from May 2007 of Commentary magazine http://www.commentarymagazine.com/cm/main/viewArticle.html?id=10858

  3. JewsFreedom said

    In France, where Europe’s largest Jewish population resides, attacks against Jewish targets increased considerably after 9/11. The Conseil Representatif des Institutions Juives de France (CRIF) put the number at 320 violent incidents in 2001. IN April 2002 alone, there were 400 such acts, and more than 2000 extra police had to be deployed at Jewish sites. The French union of Jewish students described the wave of violence, not inaccurately, as the “implementation of anti-Semitic terrorism in France.”

    Text cited from May 2007 of Commentary magazine http://www.commentarymagazine.com/cm/main/viewArticle.html?id=10858

  4. JewsFreedom said

    In the UK, home to Europe’s second-largest Jewish community, anti-Semitic incidents rose by 150 percent in September and October 2001, compared with August of that year. Since then, things have gotten consistently worse. A recent report by the highly respected Community Security Trust (CST), a Jewish self-defense organization, noted almost 600 anti-Semitic attacks in 2006, the highest number since such records started to be kept over two decades ago and an increase of 31 percent over the previous year.

    Text cited from May 2007 of Commentary magazine http://www.commentarymagazine.com/cm/main/viewArticle.html?id=10858

  5. brighttoughandJewish said

    Here is from one smart Jew, Sam Harris, in his Letter to a Christian Nation:

    Let us briefly consider where our distant religious certain are leading us on a global scale. The earth is now home to about 1.4 billion Muslims, many of whom believe that one day you and I will either convert to Islam, live in subjugation to a Muslim caliphate, or be put to death for our unbelief. Islam is now the fasters-growing religion in Europe. The birth-rate among European Muslims is three times that of their non-Muslim neighbors. If current trends continue, France will be a majority – Muslim country in twenty-five years — and that is if immigration were to stop tomorrow. Throughout Europe, Muslim communities often show little inclination to acquire the secular and civil values of their host countries, and yet they exploit these values to the utmost, demanding tolerance for their misogyny, their anti-Semitism, and their religious hatred that is regularly preached in their mosques. Forced marriages, honor killings, punitive gang rapes, and a homicidal loathing of homosexuals are now features of an otherwise secular Europe, courtesy of Islam. Political correctness and the fear of racism have made many Europeans reluctant to oppose the terrifying religious commitments of the extremis in their midst. With a few exceptions, the only public figures who have had the courage to speak honestly about the threat that Islam now poses to European society see to e fascists. This does not bode well for he future of civilization.
    The idea that Islam is a “peaceful religion hijacked by extremists” is a fantasy, and it s now a particular dangerous fantasy for Muslims to indulge. It is not at a all clear how we should proceed in our dialogue with the Muslim world, but deluding ourselves with euphemisms is not the answer. It is now a truism in foreign policy circles that real reform in the Muslim world cannot be imposed from the outside. But it is important to recognize why this is so — it is so because most Muslims are utterly deranged by their religious faith. Muslims tend to view questions o f public policy and global conflict in terms of their affiliation with Islam. And Muslims who don’t view the world in these terms risk being branded as apostates and killed by other Muslims.

    Quoted From Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation,

  6. Jew4Freedom said

    This is what happens to you in Europe, if you try to say any of the above openly:


  7. BrightToughandJewish said

    Listen to Christopher Caldwell tell you about the politically incorrect origin of Europe’s New AntiSemitism.


  8. minsky said

    Thanks for the great posts BrightToughandJewish and Jew4Freedom. I am relieved to see some folks who know their stuff, and don’t hesitate to show it.

    I’ve done some of my own digging, and came up with a brilliant site for those who want information on the wider debate about Islam and Democracy.


    I am surprised thought, that traditional bloggers are shying away from this post. What’s up guys and dolls?

  9. minsky said

    Just to make sure, I want it here too…

    Fabulous website: http://www.thereligionofpeace.com

    Fabulous new word, worth remembering:

    DHIMWIT. (check out website for clarification)

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