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Pray for Parking

Posted by lchaimlover on August 8, 2007

Ever been to the Santa Cruz Hillel? Personal, I have only been once or twice, but just drop by and say hi, and you’ll see why it is unfair that Stanford doesn’t share the wealth. So when I read in the Sentinel that Hillel might be getting a new house, I was excited for them. But then I found out that every lemonade had to start with lemons. Apparently, the Planning Commission of Santa Cruz doesn’t want to let Hillel have the special use permit nesecary for students to have parking.

I interviewed Rick Zinman, the Executive Director of Hillel of Santa Cruz, to get the scoop on what is going on down there.


Santa Cruz Hillel’s potential new house

Q: What does this new Hillel House mean to the Santa Cruz Hillel?
A: It is important to note that we are exploring the possibility of renting
a new Hillel House. Our doing so is contingent upon getting the zoning
approval from the City. If we don’t get the approval, we will have to
stay where we are. That being said, the new location would be a huge
improvement over what we currently have; it is larger and more “homey.”

Q: What opportunities does it provide you that weren’t possible before?

A: The separation of office space and program space would be a huge
benefit. Students will be much more likely to want to hang out in the
new space.

Q: Explain a little bit the challenge you are facing with the new
house over parking?

A: Street parking is restricted during the day, but not in the evening in
front of and near the house. Neighbors want to know that their street
will not be parked up when we have activities like Shabbat dinners. We
have told city officials and neighbors that the number of students who
drive to Hillel is small because it is readily accessible via the free
City and University bus systems.

Q: How do you feel this issue will be resolved?
A: The Bay Street Reservoir is very close to the house and occupies one
full block. I have seen 20 cars parked there and almost no one uses it
at night. That will be the best place to park for those few students
that do drive.

Q: When is the first event at the new Hillel House?

A: If the City Council approves the zoning change, we would be moving in
July, 2008.

So if you know how much this place means to the UCSC Jewish students, drop Rick a line, and ask how you can support them.


One Response to “Pray for Parking”

  1. TheEternalQuestionRemains said

    Yay Santa Cruz!!! You need a new house!

    Yet i found a bit of a problem with what you wrote. Why should Stanford share their wealth? This isn’t a communist dictatorship where we take from the successful and give to the lazy. Stanford did not acquire a big hillel house over night, and more importantly, the hillel house wansn’t there before the university, i.e., there was a time when there was no house at all. Their accomplishments are the direct result of their alumni wanting to give back, their extraordinarily successful fund raising efforts, and the amazing programing that they put on, which creates the alumni, and thus completes the circle. Explain to me thus, why should Stanford be giving away its hard earned money to those organizations that aren’t as successful, simply because they should??? Maybe if those other organizations worked harder, had better events, and created a better alumni base they would also have great big houses.

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