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Fine Looking Jews: Part II

Posted by lchaimlover on August 10, 2007

whitefrodude all ready into’d this nicely. I will just commence with the list. Click the link to find out how they are Jewish, my article on why they should be loved.

101.jpg10. Sasha Baron Cohen
Underneath the Borat mustache, he isn’t too shabby looking. And we all know he is brilliant.

9.jpg9. Adam Goldberg
The Hebrew Hammer. He is such an awesome Jew and never lets you forget it.

8.jpg8. Jake Gyllenhal
Sigh. Brokeback Mountain, Donnie Darko, oh come on just look at him.

7.jpg7. Shia LaBeouf
Transformers. This kid is gonna be a star, and it’s not illegal he’s here, I checked, he’s 21.

6.jpg6. Liev Schreiber
Scream, The Painted Veil. I have loved him for years, and I got really excited when someone told me my boyfriend kind of looked like him.

5.jpg5. Zach Braff
Scrubs, Garden State. He has kissed two of the girls on the other list.

4.jpg4. Neil Gaiman
Brialliant author that I have loved for years. American Gods, Smoke & Mirrors. The only person on either list I have actually met!

3.jpg3. Jon Stewart
The Daily Show. Brilliant!

2.jpg2.Oded Fehr
Hot Israeli from The Mummy. Sigh again.

1.jpg1. Jeremy Piven
You know how there is the person that you and your significant other have agreed if you met them you could sleep with them and it wouldn’t be cheating. Piven is mine. He’s in the HBO show Entourage. I openly call myself Mrs. Ari after his character. Oh Jeremy…


3 Responses to “Fine Looking Jews: Part II”

  1. jlifer fo' sho' said

    Awesome. Now this list is real motivation to keep it Jewish 😉

  2. jlifer fo' sho' said

    Oh, and don’t forget the self love: the Bay Area’s finest lookin Jews: https://oybay.wordpress.com/about/

  3. Friar Yid said

    LaBoeuf’s picture sort of makes him look like Corey Feldman.

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