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Kosher “Meat” and Greet Says Hello, Venue Goes Goodbye

Posted by challahbackgirl on August 15, 2007

Modified from CBDYAG the Blog
CBDYAG's Kosher Meat and Greet: Dinner Edition, Izzy's Brooklyn DeliLast night over 25 smiling Young Adults descended on Izzy’s Brooklyn Deli for CBDYAG’s 3rd, Kosher “Meat” and Greet, a Dinner Edition this time. We came from Stanford to Willow Glen and South San Jose, and everywhere in between to dine on the fine food. We all said hello to someone new and schmoozed with our friends in lively conversations as we waited for our orders and between bites. See our beautiful shana punims as we took over outside this fine establishment.

The vote was overwhelming clear that people liked Dinner Edition of our monthly event, my the record turn out and feedback from participants. But, sadly the home of our monthly event is no longer going to be meat. Our beloved venue is becoming a bakery, and will be open on Saturdays. They say the change will come at the end of the month. Please patronize our Kosher establishment, let them know you don’t want to say goodbye. Show them we do want a kosher place to eat in the South Bay.


4 Responses to “Kosher “Meat” and Greet Says Hello, Venue Goes Goodbye”

  1. Hi There!

    I just thought I’d leave a short message here that I am no longer in San Francisco. 😦
    So, the link under “Bay Gulls” for “SF Jewish Film Festival Blog” is now out of date and you may want to remove or update it to someone who blogged the 2007 festival this year.

    Take care!

  2. Oyster said

    Thanks Jay. We’ll put in the fix.

  3. Orr Fabian said

    Hi Tomer!!

    I saw you on channel 10…
    I don’t know how to contact you, so I’m posting this message.
    How’s it going man???? Do you even remember who I am??


  4. Oyster said

    Hey Orr!

    Wow, you could recognize me after all these years?! That’s so awesome!

    I’m gonna drop you an email. 🙂

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