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Pre-Shabbatical “Things that Rock” Roundup

Posted by chutzpaleh on August 17, 2007

Alright, Oy Baysters… I’m up late trying to find an apartment to rent in the Mission, so I have some entertaining links.

First, on something that lchaimlover and I have been discussing, as well as has been discussed on this blog already… modesty.

Here’s the Nation article on the “modesty” phenomenon. Why would seemingly rational steady-headed outspoken girls like me and lchaimlover choose to wear long skirts and cover our shoulders? Maybe we’ve fallen prey to the J-aliban? Answer – connected to our finding meaning in traditional Judaism, we’re part of some kind of counter-culture retro subversive phenomenon. Like most reconstructions, we have to be careful not to fall into what we’re riffing off of – it would suck for me to start wearing skirts because I want people to relate to me, rather than objectify me, and I want to relate to the part of me thats internal and can’t be objectified, only to go and objectify people who don’t dress like me, or say that it’s only the mens weakness that obligates women to dress like that. Holding forth finished, funnier links to come.

For an example of the type of “modesty” that can seem more lurid than modest, check out The Modesty Survey. Basically, they surveyed like 80 gazillion Christian young men and asked them what behaviors of women were stumbling blocks for them. Dis-tur-bing on so many levels. Let’s concentrate for the moment on how this totally could be some kind of fetish. Oy, tell me more about how stretching or swinging my arms when I walk is so immodest!

Reading the Modesty Survey is like watching a train wreck. Can’t. Take. My. Eyes. Away. In other addictive, disturbing things, GodTube (G-dTube?). Please put your favorite GodTube video in the comments. Appropriate warnings about GodTube not being appropriate for Jews or male Jews may apply. Those who are concerned about that can be diverted by JewTube, which I thought was run by Aish, but it seems like you can upload your own videos there.

In serious matters – this week is Parshas Shoftim, which pretty much rockity rocks. This is the parsha where the quote “justice, justice, you shall pursue” comes from, as well as “for a man is a tree of the field.” Thich Nhat Hahn has a famous meditation of envisioning yourself as a tree. If we live in our leaves, which are tossed about constantly, we may feel like we may crumble and break at any moment, and we are constantly moving. But when we can center ourselves and breathe deep into our bellies, sink our consciousness deep into the trunk and the roots of the tree, we can look out with centeredness and true groundedness. We can be not only safe in any kind of storm, but also alive and vital. Blessings for digging in deep this week, Oy Baysters.

Good shabbos!


7 Responses to “Pre-Shabbatical “Things that Rock” Roundup”

  1. Shui said

    more about modesty and parshas shoftim @ http://www.torahlab.org

  2. Oyster said

    Jeremy Kossen, the founder of JewTube, is a friend of mine that I met on ROI120.com this summer in Yerushalayim.

  3. chutzpaleh said

    Does he take money from Aish? Does he?!

  4. Oyster said

    Not AFAICT. I could ask… but it seems like he’s running it like a business, not a non-prophetprofit.

  5. chutzpaleh said

    Acha! I think I saw the headline to this http://www.aish.com/jewlariousFunnyStuff/jewlariousFunnyStuffDefault/Jew_Tube_The_New_TV_Season.asp
    and didn’t read the article, and assumed that Aish was promoting a new thing called JewTube. Not surprising that I assumed that, what with their emailing me videos every 30 seconds.

  6. Oyster said

    Chutzpaleh, you’d appreciate Jewlicious Michael’s warning about Jewlarious. 🙂

  7. chutzpaleh said

    My favorite video… the abstinence kumzitz (singalong):

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