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Rally Rabbi Minyan!!!

Posted by Oyster on August 21, 2007

Rally Rabbi Minyan

Not to toot my own horn, but here’s the “Rally” Rabbi Langer Minyan, just in time for Elul.

It was the 7th inning during Jewish Heritage Night, and due to my national pasttime-induced narcolepsy, my feverish mind sprung into action. Rally Rabbi! Bobble-heads! Chabad! A minyan!!!

I started tearing up my bobble-head box. I started asking everyone within ear shot to “lend me your rabboinim!!” The white foam packaging started to fly, with artificial dandruff stuck all over me. The momentum grew. Otherwise devoted Jewish fans of the game started tossing their bobble-head boxes over to me. We developed an assembly-line to open each one with the greatest of care, after writing the name of the owner on the box. To see more images of my mad creation, check out ChallahBack Girl’s goods. To see my few pics, including one of me flashin’ some tefillin, check it out here. For a wrap-up write-up by the J (gefilte fish wrap), read Jew-eyed Joe.

Part of the fun that night was being able to hear The Ferris Wheels perform right outside the ballpark! Rabbi Ferris is da man. Funniest. Chabad. Rabbi. Evar. Be sure to watch till the end, to see the Yidd’n dance! Ch-ch-kh-eck it out:


3 Responses to “Rally Rabbi Minyan!!!”

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