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The little house on William Street

Posted by lchaimlover on August 28, 2007


Shocked – Michelle Salinsky, a junior at SJSU, looks through the broken window at Hillel.

Last week, two people attempted to break into to Hillel of Silicon Valley. Police suspect they were trying to steal a few new items that were recently purchased for Hillel. They were probably turned on by the empty boxes sitting outside of the house in the dumpster. Thankfully, nothing was taken. The alarm went off seconds after the perpetrators entered the house, but unfortunately, damage was done to the window overlooking the Hillel kitchen and dining room. “It’s just such a shame this had to happen just as the year started,” said one student.

While the broken window was a shock to most students entering Hillel for the first time, it did not put a damper on anyone’s spirits. Shabbat dinner was a great success with 30 students in attendance (amazing considering only one of the four campuses served is in session).

This issue only resurfaces old concerns about the small house on Williams Street. The Little Purple House that Can is a 900 square foot building, which is expected to accommodate the happenings of four campuses, support 4 full time staff, host Shabbat dinners that can see almost 50 people on a Shabbos, and be a source of inspiration for Jewish Students on Campus. While a new house is always on the minds of the students and faculty, most resources are dedicated to serving the campuses and creating programming at this time.

Visit Hillel’s site or contact Sue Maltiel if you are interested in helping in any way.


4 Responses to “The little house on William Street”

  1. J Lifer said

    This is not surprising considering the neighborhood Hillel is located in. This really gives credence to the fact that Hillel SV needs A NEW HOUSE to continue its important work at a school (and surrounding schools) that has a challenging Jewish population. (Challenging in the sense that the Jewish population isn’t as apparent or affiliated as in other schools).

  2. Oyster said

    It’s a kinda rough neighborhood. Two Hillel students told me that they saw this dude getting nearly killed one time.

    I suspect that those hoodlums weren’t going after the shiny new Dell computers, but for the storied buried treasure of the founders of Togo’s restaurant (yes, that’s why Hillel is purple!).

    Wow, you guys are getting 50+ people to a Shabbat dinner? That’s insane! Where are you packing everyone, on the curb? Hillel really needs to start a capital campaign to score itself some new digs.

  3. […] this “mischevious damage and not related to any type of hate crime”, this marks the second time this year that the Hillel House has been vandalized. For a Hillel that is struggling to gain more exposure and support from the local community, and […]

  4. […] Hillel was also broken into in late August. Last week, two people attempted to break into to Hillel of Silicon Valley. Police […]

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