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Conspire, you’re a Jew

Posted by minsky on August 29, 2007

protocolsofzion_bigposter.jpgMarc Levin’s The Protocols of Zion (a reference to the infamous Antisemitic book describing a Jewish conspiracy theory to take over the world) convinced me. Stupidity exists, it is a diagnosis. It dominates most human “thought” and conduct. It is dangerous, and has no vaccine.

Some stupidity is comic, like when a demagogue with a ‘US Special Forces’ tattoo on his left deltoid, answers the question about Rudolph Giuliani’s ethnicity with a dramatic “Jew-liani! You said it, Jew-liani!”

Some stupidity is exiting, like listening to a New Jersey gang of Palestinian youth scream unintelligeble and incoherent expletives in response to general questions about Jews.
Some stupidity is saddening, like when you realize Americans readily believe Jews and Israel were behind 9/11.

09-20-03.gifComic, exiting, or sad, what, if not stupidity, stands behind the recent upturn in Antisemitism? Internationally, Arab media claim that Jews instigate unfavourable remarks about Islam by the Pope , and orchestrated the execution of Saddam. Nationally, every third African-American, and nearly every other Latino, are Antisemitic. Marc Levin’s insight that many Americans perceive 9/11 as a Jewish conspiracy because no Jews perished in the incident, and the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are an underground best-seller, should not come as a surprise.

I think something needs to be done about this stupidity, before it is too late? I call it:

Embracing Your Jewish Power.

As documented in numerous Oy-Bay posts, defining a Jew isn’t easy. Especially in a positive sense. The negative is easier, for there is one thing Jews definitely are not:


Of course not all Jews are smart, but hey, are any of us trully stupid? I don’t think so. On the other hand, not all smart people are Jews. Or are they?

According to Charles Murrey’s Jewish Genius, of all IQs above 170 in the New York public school system of 1954, 86 % were Jewish. In Nobel Prize statistics, Jews account for half of America’s economic prizes, nearly half in medicine, and a good third of physicists, for a total of 37 % of American recipients, and a fourth of all the world’s laureates. If Jews were a country, they would rank first, with more than 170 prizes, because you have to subtract the 37 % from America’s total of 270. The same goes for the Pulitzer prize in non-fiction, where Jews take half the laurels.

More impressively, I recently got my hands on Richard Posner’s Public Intellectuals , which attempts a ranking and analysis of the worlds 600 top contemporary thinkers. Placing himself conventinetly among the top 10, Posner asserts that 46% of all living intellectuals are Jewish, while 40 % [going from my memory here], of all living and dead, are/were Jewish.

Many smart people are not Jewish, but other than the necessary exeption proving the rule, no Jews are stupid. Bringing me to a simple point, that comes up again and again in Levin’s film, the persistance of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Its the stupidity, stupid.

Since most Jews are not dumb, while -as Levin comicaly, frighteningly, and saddly documents- millions of non-Jews are almost nothing but, what logical social and economic position does anyone expect Jews to claim? Success, power, wealth, and contentment.

I can just hear some of you starting “… Wait a minute!”

-I know, not all Jews are rich, not by any stretch; I happen to be one of the many poor, presonally proving that intelligence doesn’t always correlate with financial success. At least not yet, because generally, it does.


The biggest reason the Protocols of the Elders of Zion remain a popular read even in this cybernetico-infoflooded-networked-activist age is Stupidity; as Jews we are left little choice but to Embrace our Intelligence, and hence our Power.The reaction of the stupid will remain to be called what its always been called:



8 Responses to “Conspire, you’re a Jew”

  1. squeedle said

    It hasn’t always been called Antisemitism.

    This term was invented by a Jew-hater to puff up the sound of “Jew hating” to sound more academic.

    Since a lot of people have co-opted the term Anti-semitism to include any Semitic peoples, and thus allow Semitic Jew-haters to be able to say they can’t possibly be anti-semitic, I have begun using the original term, “Jew haters.”

    According to a news article I read on the war in Iraq, the term “Jew” is used by militant Islamists in the Middle East (particularly in Iraq) in just the way the word “gook” was used in Vietnam, to mean anyone not on their side. I think it’s high time we stopped using something so “lofty” sounding and which allows anybody to claim they aren’t what they are: Jew haters.

  2. Eva said

    yes, it’s stupid, but not that stupid.
    It’s completely natural.
    Imagine yourself in their situation- you’re a nation, and a wierd isolated minority, that thier religion you don’t really understand, have strange and large success in different areas. Well, obviously, you’re going to think negatively about these people. And that’s a natural thing.

    Also, I’d reccomend anyone to read “The secrets of the Jewish mind” by Eran Katz. It’s probably translated to English though I read it in Hebrew. It deals with Jewish techniques to develop intellgince and good memory.
    Also, it looks into the question why are the Jewish people considered so smart. And the answer is- they’re a surviving people. Always a minority, always being attacked, never secure in place. Always have to prove themselves, otherways they wouldn’t survive. Also, wide imagination.
    Anyhow, in my personal opinion, now in Israel, when the Israelis are not a minority and they’re comfy and cozy, they are dumbing down unfortunately…
    but we’ll see what happens.

  3. minsky said

    I will check out Katz’s book. Hopefully its been translated.

    I also have the impression that Israel is leading to the dumbing down of Jews.

    I disagree with the minority hypothesis, because there are simply too many minorities around, disproving it. Empirically, there are minorities which are perenial laggards, and minorities who persistanly win. So being a minority doesnt imply success. Something else does.

    The idea that Jewish intelligence originates in our drive to survive, is interesting, but hard to proove. Murray mentions several hypotheses, none of which convinces me. All peoples are tested for survival…em… survival of the fittest?

    I think, the Torah may have more to do with Jewish intelligence, than is commonly understood, especially its more ethnocentric parts.

    Basically, I agree, the resentment on the part of majorities, is absolutely natural. The question being, can they get over it. If we are stuck with a better brain, then what can do we do about it? Dumb down? No. The majorities have to brighten up.

    How else does anyone propose to resolve the dilema?

  4. Andrew said

    I disagree that Israel is leading to the “dumbing down” of Jews. Just look at all the stats out there about the country (I’m sure you’ve read a list like this before):


  5. nobody important said

    Being a minority doesn’t neccesseraly lead to being smarter. But it’s a condition that had helped the Jews not to feel comfortable in their little boxes, and always strive for better lifestyle, etc.

    Honestly, I believe it comes solely from G-d.

    About the amazing facts. Well, great. but do you know about the current public education system? Right now, Sept 7th, the schools are going on strike (school started Sept 2).

    Also, according to a research, from 736 students and parents, 80% of the boys would use violance if attacked, and so would %40 of the girls. %50 of the parents would expect the school to “undertand” that their kid had to react with violance.

    and that’s all what I found today on the news… more tommorow?

  6. Ory said

    Also helps to be well-informed. Read the new book, “Jews and Power” by Ruth Wisse.

  7. minsky said

    I dont understand Wisse’s book. Please tell more.

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