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It lasts how long???

Posted by whitefrodude on September 1, 2007

The Jewish discussion that took place this week, and by this week I mean around April but I felt like writing about it now, (due to the coming of Sukkot) was about the length of Pesach. The reason I was given for people in the United States for having a formal Seder for the first two days of Pesach is that back in the day it took time for word to travel about the start of a holiday and so for anyone outside of Israel we celebrate the first two days so that we can be sure that one of the days is correct. Besides Pesach, ­­­­­­­­­­Sukkot is another holiday in which the first two days are celebrated. Sukkot

Now this is all understandable to me. The problem I have is when the holiday ends. During Sukkot the holiday ends so many days after you begin because it is only supposed to last that many days. On Pesach however, we celebrate the first two days and continue the holiday a day after it ends in Israel so that we make sure we end on the correct day. In rational thought the holiday should end 7 days after the first Seder because we know when we started. Now while I love matzo ball soup and gefilte fish as much as the next Jew, I wouldn’t mind eating that sweet, sweet thing called bread a day earlier.


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