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Pray for Eliyahu Mikha’il ben Esther v’Alexander…

Posted by Oyster on September 2, 2007

esther alexander

Esther and Alexander.

This is hard for me to do, but R. Hillel’s eternal temporal injunction forced my hand. I have two dear friends, pictured above. Esther and Alexander. I see them almost every week at shul. Alexander is my chevruta. We study Torah & everything else his encyclopedic mind grasps with ease. I count myself as fortunate that these two lovely souls are in my life.

They are in desperate need.

Their newborn child has had serious complications, and now their newborn son, Eliyahu Mikha’il, is in mortal danger. I ask all of you reading this message to please pray for healing and complete recovery to Eliyahu Mikha’il ben Esther v’Alexander.

Heal us, O L-rd, and we shall be healed. Help us and save us, for You are our glory. Grant perfect healing for all our afflictions.

May it be Your will, L-rd our G-d and G-d of our ancestors, to send perfect healing, of body and soul, to Eliyahu Mikha’il ben Esther v’Alexander, along with all others who are stricken.

For You are the faithful and merciful G-d of healing. Praised are You, L-rd, Healer of His people Israel.

*** Esther and Alexander are very private people, so I’m using their Hebrew names here. Esther & Alexander, I apologize for this, but I felt it was the right thing to do… :-/


6 Responses to “Pray for Eliyahu Mikha’il ben Esther v’Alexander…”

  1. eva said

    Is that from Shmone Esre?
    Would you have the Hebrew version?

  2. chutzpaleh said

    Indeed, that’s 8/19 in the Amidah, the Shemonah Esrei. I don’t have the time to transliterate it right now – do you have a Hebrew siddur?

  3. Eva said

    yeah, sorry. I figured it out, but I wasn’t 100% sure. Thanks.

  4. Nancy said

    May G-d guard him and protect him.
    May G-d bring renewed strength to Esther and Alexander.
    El na refa na lo.
    Amen v’ amen.

  5. esther and alexander said

    This is so kind of you Oyster. We both want to thank you, and everyone who reads this post. Your prayers and thoughts are dear to us.

    I think we are definitely out of mortal danger, but things remain hard, and confusing.

    Eliyahu Mikha’il is back home, but we dont know for how long. The hospital released him on the condition he gain weight. Although he has been eating better here, he has been loosing up to three ounces per day. If this doesn’t stop, we are again in real trouble.

    On the other hand, even an ounce gained, is a terrific sign. Although his trouble will continue for some time, the condition will no longer be critical.

    Again, many thanks Oyester and everyone whose come accross this post. We believe your thoughts and prayrs can tip the balance.

    Toda raba

    Alexander and Esther

  6. shiduri said

    you are in my thoughts

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