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Getting to Know Jews: Chabad of Tri-Valley

Posted by lchaimlover on September 5, 2007

There have been complaints that we are too South Bay focused, so in an attempt to broaden our horizons, here is another special edition of Getting to Know Jews for all you Tri-Valley-ites out there.


Rabbi Resnick and Fruma at last year’s Purim celebration. 

Name: Rabbi Raleigh Resnick and Mrs. Fruma Resnick
Organization: Chabad of Tri-Valley
Mission: Chabad of The Tri-Valley serves as a center for Jewish life and education in the Tri Valley Area. Chabad is dedicated to making the beauty of our Jewish principles and heritage accessible to all Jews, assisting in bringing the light of Jewish tradition into one’s life. Chabad welcomes and accepts all Jews regardless of background or affiliation.

A little about them…Rabbi Resnick and Fruma have been in Pleasanton for two years now, and this year’s High Holiday Services will be their third since moving to Pleasanton. From the first time I met them, I knew they were special. This energetic young couple offers a vibrancy to the Jewish life of the Tri-Valley that was previously lacking. I attended my bashert’s brother’s bar mitzvah and not only did Rabbi Resnick make everyone from Russians to newbies feel welcomed, he even attempted to sing Russian songs, making everyone feel right at home. Mrs. Resnick helped my boyfriend’s mother prepare a meal for forty people, and the end result was one of the more beautiful bar mitzvahs I have ever been to. And that was all on one Shabbos afternoon! Imagine having them all year round! What a lucky place Tri-Valley is.

Getting Involved…For Young Women looking to get involved, I highly recommend the popular Jewish Women’s Circle. With events ranging from Challah baking to painting, the Jewish Women’s Circle events promise to nourish your soul and your sense of adventure.

High Holidays…For the past two years, I attended Yom Kippur services sponsored by the Resnick’s and I assure you, they have been the easiest fasts I have ever had. With the engaging droshes from Rabbi Resnick and the amazing warmth, encouragement, and break-fast from Fruma, the Resnicks create a wonderful hag atmosphere from candle lighting to Neilah. So imagine what it must be like when you aren’t fasting?

And while one might think that services, Hebrew school, and adult education was enough, Fruma Resnick is also opening a pre-school in Pleasanton. What was once a large living room has now been converted into a room dedicated to mitzvahs, middot, and play time. Any Jewish toddler would be lucky to spend their days learning at the Chabad Jewish Preschool.

For more information about Chabad of Tri-Valley visit their website.



3 Responses to “Getting to Know Jews: Chabad of Tri-Valley”

  1. Uriel said

    Yeah, Rabbi Raleigh and Fruma hosted me and my homeboy Phlip for shabbos a year ago. They’re a great couple and I wish them success in all their endeavors.

  2. gilda said

    Dear Sir, Madam,

    Can you please tell me where Chabad is located in Morro bay/San luis Obispo and what time is your Megillah reading on Thursday Night.

    Thank you very much

  3. David Wertheimer said

    Buchor Tov

    I am in meed of a Real Estate Broker / agent in or around, Morro Bay but at least doing some business in San Louis Obispo, Co. He must be shomor Shabbos, non-observant, conservative,or less, I don’t need.

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience as to whether you know of someone in this category

    David Wertheimer

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