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Mazel tov to the newly-minted Aba & Ima!

Posted by Oyster on September 9, 2007

baby boy orrin 440

Editor’s note: that is not a picture of a groggy Jake. That’s their baby. No, seriously.

There’s hardly a Jew in the close-knit Orthodox Jewish community of the South Bay that doesn’t know Jake & Amanda. Both in their professional and private lives, they are the veritable pillars of the young Jewish community that most communities desperately desire. I’ve had the singular good fortune of counting them among my friends for the past two years, shortly after they were wed. And though they’ve been teased by my good friend Queen Esther, I’m gonna have to give them some more air-time! They’ve recently given birth to a bouncin’ baby boy (MAZEL TOV! MAZEL-MAZEL TOV!!!), who is to be named (among other things…) tomorrow morning at a Bris at their home. An update will be posted shortly after once the name has been announced. 🙂

[UPDATE]: Welcome Adam Yitzhak into this world!! 🙂

P.S.- What was the mohel carrying? A brisket (bris-kit). 😉


5 Responses to “Mazel tov to the newly-minted Aba & Ima!”

  1. lchaimlover said

    he is so cute!

  2. JB said

    And I didn’t break him!!

  3. Grammy said

    That’s the cutest looking baby I’ve ever seen!

  4. chutzpaleh said

    I’m a little bit late to the news, but hurray! Mazel tov! That’s why she hasn’t been returning my emails!

  5. Oyster said

    Update: I attended young Adam’s Pidyon Ha’Ben last Monday, and I just noticed that he’s featured in the “Births” section of the lastest issue of the JCN. 🙂

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