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Oy Bay Featured on Israel’s Channel 10!

Posted by Oyster on September 17, 2007

Tomer ch 10 video Israel

Oyster, International Media Mogul, yucks it up with Channel 10’s Tamar Ish-Shalom. G-d, I look like a goy! Where’s my nose?!


Remember when I said that you had a chance to get famous with Oy Bay? Well, here fame snuck up on even the Oyster himself! On Saturday, we received a record-number of unique visitors to the site, which is especially odd, since weekends are typically ‘slow’ site traffic days (I’m not even going to go into who is checking the site on Shabbat…). So I poked around, and though no one post was getting all the attention, and while no one link was driving all the traffic, I noticed that there were 3 to 5 different Israeli search engines where the search query was “oy bay” in the logs listing how people got to the site. I suspected that perhaps channel 10 ran the story after all! Soon thereafter, ChallahBackGirl uncovered from the ISO list the fact that the Israeli portal Nana had posted up some video clips of the television program (here, and here). And just today, Adi, the new Shlicha of the Jewish Agency for SanFran dropped me a link to the Walla! portal’s video (the still-frame above is from that one).

So what was the program about? I got an email from Liat Feldman, the Content Manager for Israel’s Channel 10. She was looking for Jewish young adults who would talk about their dating experiences, whether with Jews or not. Being the shameless self-promoter that I am, I invited their film crew to crash join Oy Bay’s birthday dinner / celebration. Soon enough, I met Tamar Ish-Shalom and her two trusty camera guys. Though it had to be a very awkward dinner, with a camera, lights, and microphones in our face, it turned out to be okay. I wistfully thought that perhaps they’d twist the story around to be a scathing critique of American Jewry. Here we were, sitting in a restaurant in San Francisco (“Babylon-by-the-Bay”), during Gay Pride Weekend(nice scheduling boo-boo, Oyster) in the Castro District, a few hours before Shabbat ended, and someone in our group ordered oysters on a half-shell as an appetizer! But someone dispelled my neuroses by pointing out that most Israelis wouldn’t find that all too shocking, in fact. :-p

Definitely check out the Walla video ( I haven’t yet seen all of the video clips on Nana ). In it, you’ll note me making an opening remark about how if I see a good-looking woman in a bar, I automatically assume that she’s not Jewish (statistically speaking, that is). It then goes on to feature an intermarried couple, a scene from a Upper West Side Jewish mixer (featuring Jewish media mastermind and UWS heartthrob Ariel Beery signing in!), and then back to San Francisco. Clips from a talk with American Jewry scholar Arnie Eisen (the new fearless leader of Conservative Judaism) are also sprinkled in. I make an additional comment about how you can just walk into a bar in a Jewish neighborhood like LA or NY, and find young Jews, whereas, it wasn’t so in the Oy Bay Area. Noah then talked about how Jewish girls are awesome, because they don’t have the whole Catholic sex-guilt complex. He then conflated anal, penetration, and Catholic girls in a botched phrase, which is really hilarious! 🙂 Then it’s back to me, making some flippant remark about non-Jews as being “for practice”. That’s not my view, I was just sharing with Tamar a common mental lapse that many American Jews use to justify dating non-Jews.

As luck would have it, who did I run into in the security line boarding my Israel flight to ROI 120? Tamar & her film crew, of course! Oy, what were the odds?

If anyone with Hebrew skillz wants to give Oy Bay a more detailed understanding of the message and content of the Channel 10 feature, please feel free to email us or to leave us a comment.

[UPDATE]: I forgot to warn people: the videos only play for me when I watch it in Internet Exploder Explorer, not Firefox.

6 Responses to “Oy Bay Featured on Israel’s Channel 10!”

  1. chutzpaleh said

    I’m going to bed, and this clip isn’t working on my Safari, so I’m not translating before tomorrow, but I love how there’s a pic of the Oyster, and the caption says “when I walk into a bar and I see a pretty girl…”

  2. Oyster said

    Cuz, y’all know that I’m such a lounge lizard, trawling the night clubs for Jewish hotties…

  3. Esther said

    I’m so proud of the media whore that you’ve become. It does a Blogmama proud.

  4. […] Israel’s Channel 10 wants to do a documentary series about Jewish life in America, with a particular focus on Jewish dating, there’s only one place* to go: San Francisco, […]

  5. Oyster said

    Awwwwwww, MOM!

    Stop iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!


  6. Ido said

    hey, i would thank you to death if you’ll agree do a small favor for your israeli-buddy over here…

    im trying to apply to a new production here in israel, the producer is this Liat Feladman you were talking about.

    if you could just send me her mail so that i will be able to contact her. I will not tell her i got the ardress from you if you wish so.

    It will really help me if you do so, you have no idea how thankfull i will be.

    my Email is ido_email@walla.co.il

    thanks thanks thanks 🙂 (fingers crossed)

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